Saturday’s news links – Sept 12, 2020

Dora Negrete is consoled consoled by her son Hector Rocha after seeing their destroyed mobile home at the Talent Mobile Estates, Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020, in Talent, Ore., after wildfires devastates the region.

Western wildfires

An estimated 500,000 people in Oregon forced to flee wildfires Marketplace

Oregon Can’t Fight Wildfires Because Its Helicopters Were Sent To Afghanistan MPN

Most wildfire coverage on American TV news fails to mention link to climate crisis Guardian

They Know How to Prevent Megafires. Why Won’t Anybody Listen? ProPublica

A seventy-word primer: We dug ourselves into a deep, dangerous fuel imbalance due to one simple fact. We live in a Mediterranean climate that’s designed to burn, and we’ve prevented it from burning anywhere close to enough for well over a hundred years. Now climate change has made it hotter and drier than ever before, and the fire we’ve been forestalling is going to happen, fast, whether we plan for it or not.


Harvard Study Suggests Virus Impact On Young People Is Underestimated Gothamist

Coronavirus might’ve been in Los Angeles as early as December, according to new research Mic

Six Months Into the Pandemic, Transit Workers Are Still Dying—With No End in Sight TAP

Indoor Dining Returns Soon. Here’s Why Some Restaurant Workers Are Terrified. Grub Street

Planned NYC 9/11 Jet Flyby Prompts Anger: ‘Everybody Hates This’ Patch

Decision To Honor 9/11 With Low-Flying Warplane Canceled Amid Backlash Gothamist

Biden says US must maintain small force in Middle East, has no plans for major Defense cuts Stars and Stripes

‘Incredibly Dark Day for Voting Rights’: With Support of Trump Judges, Federal Court Upholds Florida Poll Tax Weeks Before Election Common Dreams

Indigenous Peoples

Change NFL Team’s Name and Logo, says Native Coalition in Kansas City Native News Online

As NFL Players Offer Show of Unity, Booing by Fans Shows Objections to Protests ‘Was Always About Perpetuating White Supremacy’ Common Dreams

Standing Rock Water Protector Red Fawn Fallis Released from Federal Prison Native News Online

Im/migrants & refugees

ICE flew detainees to Virginia so the planes could transport agents to D.C. protests. A huge coronavirus outbreak followed. Washington Post

ICE Guards “Systematically” Sexually Assault Detainees in an El Paso Detention Center, Lawyers Say ProPublica

The Racial Disparity in Unemployment Benefits RAND

Screwing with the Unemployment Statistics Dave Lindorff

From Hoovervilles to Trumpvilles: Homeless Crisis Deepens Counterpunch

Key coronavirus forecast predicts over 410,000 total U.S. deaths by Jan. 1: ‘The worst is yet to come’ CNBC

Billionaires for Trump

Peter Thiel Met With Racist Fringe As He Bet On Trump Political Wire

Facebook board member Peter Thiel reportedly had dinner with a key white nationalist figure in 2016 and said he ‘really enjoyed’ meeting him Business Insider

Here Are The Billionaires Backing Donald Trump’s Campaign Forbes

Here Are the Billionaires Funding Trump’s Voter Suppression Lawsuits Sludge

Watch: Trump threatens to ‘put down very quickly’ Democrats who take to the streets in protest if he wins re-election Raw Story

Tucker Carlson: “If we’re going to survive as a country, we must defeat” Black Lives Matter Salon

ELECTION 2020: As Concerns Mount Over Integrity of US Elections, So Does Support for International Poll Monitors Consortium News

Former NSA Director Who Oversaw Spying Program Joins Amazon’s Board Of Directors

America’s war on terror that followed 9/11 has displaced 37 million people – this is the true cause of Europe’s refugee crisis Independent


Guo Wengui – So Anti-Chinese that even US Establishment Cannot Stomach Him NEO


Colombia erupts in protests against police violence Peoples Dispatch

Colombia: Death Toll Rises to 13 in Protests Over Police Abuse teleSUR

Pat Robertson says Black Lives Matter wants a “lesbian… Marxist revolution” LGBTQ Nation

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