Monday’s news links – Sept. 7, 2020

Tallahassee protesters jailed after demonstration against grand jury decision that lets killer cops off hook FightBack! News

Unions threaten work stoppages amid calls for racial justice LA Times

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 12OCTOBER18 – After a week on strike against Marriott Hotels, hotel workers, members of Unite Here Local 2, are arrested for sitting down and blocking Fourth Street in San Francisco in an act of civil disobedience. The sit-in took place in front of the Marriott Marquis Hotel, the flagship Marriott hotel in the city. Workers were protesting low wages that force many workers to work an additional job besides their job at the hotel. Local 2 President Anand Singh is arrested as part of the group. Copyright David Bacon

In a Covid-19 World, Can Hotel Workers Keep Their Gains? Anand Singh, President of UNITE HERE Local 2, interviewed by David Bacon

In California’s Wine Country, Undocumented Grape Pickers Forced to Work in Fire Evacuation Zones Intercept

Payday & Visu.News VideoJournalist Zach Roberts Shot by Rochester Police w/ Pepper Pellet Payday Report

Spokane Protester: I Was Abducted By Unidentified Officers, Put In Unmarked Van HuffPost

The arrest of Jeremy Logan, co-chair of a DSA chapter, appears to have been politically motivated and carried out by a sheriff hostile to “antifa.”

Dozens Arrested as Violent Portland Protests Continue AP

The Trump campaign has legal battles in 5 states to limit mail-in voting expansions Business Insider

50,000-Foot Smoke Plumes and Record-Shattering Heatwave as Climate Emergency Grips California Common Dreams

Livestock Grazing and the Decline of the American Buffalo Counterpunch


The Milwaukee Bucks Strike Is Part of a Long Tradition of Athlete Resistance TruthOut

NBA All-Star David West On The Walkout And Standing Up To Racism, Exploitation Grayzone

Ball Don’t Lie New York Review of Books

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous women are preyed on at horrifying rates. I was one of them Brandi Morin


Joe Biden’s China Journey NYTimes

As a United States senator, he spoke of transforming China through trade. As a presidential candidate two decades later, he denounces it as a “dictatorship.”

Hundreds of US troops arrive in Lithuania as Belarus tensions mount SCMP

Updated ‘Complete’ List of DOD Films Spy Culture

The upshot of this is that we don’t know how many films the DOD has worked on, except that it’s well over 400.

‘Green’ billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary Grayzone

Kevin Zeese Presente! Resumen

Venezuela’s foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, on Sunday lamented the death of U.S. human rights defender Kevin Zeese, one of the activists who defended the Venezuelan embassy in the U.S. for several weeks in 2019.

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