Monday’s news links – Aug. 31, 2020

‘Things are Getting Real’: NYC Teachers Union Prepares for Strike Authorization Votes The City

How the nation’s athletes set off tremors when they showed us their unprecedented power to effect change Boston Globe

Fact check: Jacob Blake did not ‘brandish’ knife, get gun before Kenosha police shooting USA Today

Federal agents sent to Kenosha, but history shows militarized policing in cities can escalate violence and trigger conflict The Conversation

A ‘Scary’ Show Of Force: D.C. Police Ramp Up Aggressive Tactics After March On Washington DCist

Capitalist crisis

Second Wave of Layoffs Is Here, Now Hitting Well-Paid Jobs Wolf Street

The Mystery House: How a Suspicious Multimillion Dollar Real Estate Deal Is Connected to California’s Deadliest Fire Pro Publica

Agricultural Workers Lose Millions of Dollars Each Year to Employer Wage Theft In These Times


Dozens of Palestinian Patients Suffocate as Israeli Forces Attack Hospital in Hebron (VIDEO) Palestine Chroncle

Ian Zabarte is Principal Man of the Western Bands of the Shoshone Nation of Indians.

Indigenous Peoples

Western Shoshone Ian Zabarte ‘The Most Bombed Nation on Earth’ Al Jazeera

More than 900 nuclear tests were conducted on Shoshone territory in the US. Residents still live with the consequences.


US military conducts 46 airstrikes in Somalia in 2020 Somali Affairs

Big Oil Is in Trouble. Its Plan: Flood Africa With Plastic. NYTimes

Faced with plunging profits and a climate crisis that threatens fossil fuels, the industry is demanding a trade deal that weakens Kenya’s rules on plastics and on imports of American trash.


China Just Called Trump’s Bluff on TikTok Bloomberg

Imagine a bidder wanting to buy KFC, but being told the deal might not include the Colonel’s 11 secret herbs and spices. That’s effectively what Beijing has told the list of U.S. companies keen to purchase short-video app TikTok: The key ingredients may be out of reach.

China warns of ‘accidental’ military confrontation with US PressTV


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