Saturday’s news links – Aug. 29, 2020

Get Your Knee Off Our Necks march in Washington, D.C.

Hours after March on Washington, protesters scattered throughout city, blocking roads and yelling at police Washington Post

Tens of thousands join Get Your Knee Off Our Necks march in Washington DC Guardian

In photos: Thousands gather at Lincoln Memorial to protest police brutality

U.S. political divide becomes increasingly violent, rattling activists and police Washington Post

Kenosha Sheriff’s Racist Rant Follows Pattern of Fraternizing with White Supremacists MPN

Top Kenosha Police, Prosecutor Under Increased Scrutiny in Wake of Jacob Blake, Protest Shootings: ‘Some People…Aren’t Worth Saving’ The Root

Jacob Blake’s father: “My son has not been afforded the rights of a human” Axios

Paramedic Speaks Out on Police Use of Ketamine Injections Intercept

Sports strikes

The WNBA Made the NBA Strike Possible Slate

Let’s call athletes workers, and let’s call these NBA protests what they were – strikes The Conversation

Professional Athletes Are Showing America Just How Powerful Labor Really Is Dave Zirin

BREAKING: NHL Cancels All Playoff Games To Protest Shooting of Jacob Blake TotalProSports

Kareem Abdul-Jabar: Athletes Have Rekindled the Ember of Hope

Marsha P. Johnson, late LGBTQ activist, to get monument in N.J. hometown

N.J. teen who held Black Lives Matter protest gets hit with $2,500 bill for police overtime

State Law Lets Cops Steal Cars of Innocent People, and They’ve Done it 14,000 Times in 3 Years

Indigenous Peoples

Tribal Member Killed, BIA Officer Suspended, Family Knows Nothing on Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation – UNICORN RIOT

Capitalist crisis

The Fed in a hole Michael Roberts

With Second Stimulus Checks on Hold, Americans Spend Less at the Grocery Store WSJ

Grocery prices are skyrocketing, and it couldn’t come at a worse time for American households Business Insider

Everything at the grocery store is getting more expensive CNN Business

MGM Resorts To Fire 18,000 Employees, A Quarter Of Its Workforce

Trump’s Payroll Tax Deferment Plan Goes Into Effect Forbes

Trump’s August 8 executive action temporarily suspending payroll tax collections came as negotiations in Congress deadlocked over a new coronavirus stimulus package. Earlier this month Trump said if he was reelected, he would get rid of the payroll taxes permanently, though White House officials said afterward such a plan isn’t currently under consideration. If Trump were able to permanently cut payroll taxes, and if such a law went into effect on January 1, 2021, Social Security payments would run out by mid 2023, according to Social Security Chief Actuary Stephen Goss.

Private jet companies scored a pile of federal aid meant for airlines and small businesses, boosting the industry as other sectors collapsed Business Insider

The Measure of Everything: David McNally’s Materialist History of Money Left Voice

According to McNally, accounts of the emergence of money have been, problematically, centered on barter and trade. What these ignore is the decisive role of the state, war, and slavery in money’s emergence, and its continued centrality to warfare, violence, and exploitation.

The DEA seized a retired railroad engineer’s life savings BoingBoing

Hurricane Laura topples Louisiana Confederate monument weeks after officials voted to keep it Fox5NY

US Tech Stocks Are Now Worth More Than the Entire European Stock Market CNBC

Boeing pulls eight 787 jets from service over structural issue Reuters

Lower-income students are paying the price for the global laptop shortage Vox


Top general says no role for military in presidential vote AP

Climate crisis

In Phoenix, rising temperatures day and night kill more people each year Arizona Republic

It’s not just desert cities that are threatened by hotter summer temperatures. Deadly heat is on the rise across the United States.


Every time Pompeo opens his mouth, Chinese people love their country even more: US vlogger

Has China Already Won? You Bet Forbes

The China Syndrome Part II: Transmission and Response Quillette

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