Saturday’s news links – Aug. 22, 2020

Aug 25 #SaveThePostOffice Day of Action APWU

DeJoy Has “No Intention” to Reinstall Sorting Machines, Mailboxes Truthout

A judge asked Trump’s lawyers to prove his claims about mail-in voting “fraud” — it did not go well Salon

Trump’s suggestion of deploying law enforcement officials to monitor polls raises specter of voting intimidation Washington Post

NYCLU Publishes Over 300K Police Misconduct Records After Court Order Lifted Gothamist

Her Former Colleagues Called in a “Wellness Check.” Then Police Shot Her to Death. The Intercept


Media Show Little Interest in Israeli Bombing of Gaza FAIR

Indigenous Peoples

NDN Collective President And CEO Nick Tilsen Faces 15 Years In Prison For Protest Against White Supremacy

NDN Collective President and CEO Nick Tilsen faces legal backlash from the State of South Dakota with trumped-up charges for the stand he and other land defenders took in the Black Hills on July 3rd leading up to Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore.

Black Hills treaty defender appears in court Indian Country Today

Judge rules Lakota Nick Tilsen will face jury trial on felony charges for Mount Rushmore action Censored News

Columbus Must Come Down: Why A Monument To White Supremacy Can’T Stay In Boston’S Waterfront Park Cultural Survival

Our History is the Future: The Dakota Access Pipeline and the Long Tradition of Resistance Climate & Capitalism

Dockworkers strike for work-life balance, shut down Port of Montreal People’s Voice

Capitalist crisis

America’s Looming Eviction Crisis Threatens Unprecedented Tens of Millions WBUR


Opinion | I’m a New York public-school teacher. A safe return to school simply isn’t possible right now. Washington Post

Researchers show children are silent spreaders of virus that causes COVID-19 EurekaAlert!

Covid pandemic could last for another TWO YEARS says World Health Organisation chief in grim prediction – as he calls it a ‘once-in-a-century health crisis’ that spread quicker than Spanish flu Daily Mail

“These Are Staggering Numbers”: Spending By Unemployed Americans Plunges As Fiscal Stimulus Ends Activist Post

Obscene Pandemic Profiteering: Largest Consolidation of Wealth in American History David DeGraw

Facebook Has Begun Purging Accounts Tied to Anti-Fascist Groups Truthout

Tennessee governor signs bill increasing punishments for certain protests TheHill


US is willing to dismantle the UN Security Council to put pressure on Iran RT

13 UNSC members oppose Iran sanctions push PressTV – includes commentary by anti-imperialist activist Cheryl LaBash


You can’t trust the media on Evo Morales Carl Beijer


Is China “Imperialist?” Vijay Prashad Addressing Claims that China is “Imperialist”


How Physics Erases The Beginning Of The Universe Ethan Siegel

The 20th century brought us General Relativity, quantum physics, and the Big Bang, all accompanied by spectacular observational and experimental successes. These frameworks enabled us to make theoretical predictions that we then went out and tested, and they passed with flying colors while the alternatives fell away. But — at least for the Big Bang — it left some unexplained problems that required us to go farther. When we did, we found an uncomfortable conclusion that we’re still reckoning with today: any information about the beginning of the Universe is no longer contained within our observable cosmos. Here’s the disconcerting story.

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