Wednesday’s news links – Aug. 19, 2020

California guest worker outbreaks have sickened hundreds and killed at least one, according to an investigation by CalMatters and The Salinas Californian.

Covid-19 rips through motel rooms of farmworkers who pick nation’s produce The Counter

Gassing Immigrants with a Highly Toxic Industrial Disinfectant in Detention Counterpunch

Police Arrest Black Journalist Recording Altercation During Michigan Proud Boys Rally Blavity

Black State Senator Gets Hit With Felony Charges For Telling Cops They Can’t Arrest Protesters Vandalizing Monument Blavity

The Specter of a Fascist Coup by Trump Haunts the U.S. – There’s Worse to Worry About MPN

SDPD Says it Will Stop Enforcing Seditious Language Law Voice of San Diego


College Football Should Be Totally Shut Down, Even if It Hurts Dave Zirin

Capitalist crisis

Mortgage Delinquencies Jump by Most Ever. 60-Day Delinquencies Hit Highest Level Ever. Record 16% of FHA Mortgages Delinquent. What a Mess Wolf Street

Why, in the face of the worst US economy since the Great Depression, is the stock market near record highs? Angry Bear


Cluster infection originating in Seoul’s Sarang Jeil Church spreads nationwide The Hankyoreh

Murders of Trans People Have Spiked Alarmingly During the Pandemic Vice

Democrats Drop Demand To End Fossil Fuel Subsidies From Party Platform HuffPo


US govt-funded Coda Story smears American journalists who undermine new Cold War propaganda Greyzone

With backing from the US government’s regime-change arm, an Operation Mockingbird-style website called Coda Story is attacking American journalists who have punctured Washington’s sensationalist narratives against China.

Huawei, Tik Tok, WeChat & Other Handy Targets Consortium News


‘Neither ships were ours, nor the fuel’: 4 US-seized tankers & their cargo belong in fact to Venezuela, Iran claims RT


Israel Launches Week-Long Bombing Campaign in Gaza Amid Ongoing War Crimes Investigation MPN

In Further War Crime, Israelis Cut Electricity to Gaza, Idling 50,000 Factory Workers Common Dreams

Protests held against US forces for killing Syrian soldier

President of Mali resigns following military take over Peoples Dispatch

Several injured and 77 detained as police attack protest rally in Sudan Peoples Dispatch

Exclusive Interview With the Buffalo That Attacked a White Woman Trying to Colonize a Bison Herd The Root

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