Sunday’s news links – Aug. 16, 2020


Anti-racists stop white supremacists on August 15, near the downtown of Stone Mountain, Georgia.

‘Go Home, Racists!’: BLM Counterprotesters Shout Down White Nationalists in Stone Mountain, Georgia Common Dreams

Pull Back the Curtain on Efforts to Kill the U.S. Postal Service and Out Pops Koch Money Wall Street on Parade

COVID Data Failures Create Pressure for Public Health System Overhaul KHN

How Did Robert Trump Die? Coronavirus Speculation Runs Rampant On Social Media NewsOne

Calls for nationwide sickout as Arizona school district cancels reopening Guardian

Charlotta Bass

A Forgotten First: Before There Was Kamala, There Was Charlotta Bass The Root

(1952) Charlotta Bass, “Acceptance Speech For Vice Presidential Candidate Of The Progressive Party” Blackpast


Profile: Zhong Nanshan: outspoken doctor awarded China’s top honor Xinhua

U.S. Formalizes F-16 Jet Sale to Taiwan With China Tensions High Bloomberg


Contradictions on the “Seized Iranian Ships” Story Orinoco Tribune

UK Suffers Record Recession On Virus Fallout Barron’s

Artist Jeffrey Gibson unveils giant sculpture in New York Indian Country Today

Gibson is a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. ‘Because Once You Enter My House It Becomes Our House’ serves as an homage to ingenuity of Indigenous North American peoples and cultures, to pre-Columbian Mississippian architecture, and to queer camp aesthetics. Gibson designed the multi-tiered structure to reference the earthen architecture of the ancient metropolis of Cahokia, which was the largest city of the North American Indigenous Mississippian people at its height in the thirteenth century.

It’s Still Unclear When I-70, Closed By The Grizzly Creek Fire, Will Reopen. That’s Wreaking Havoc On Businesses CPR News

Warming Greenland ice sheet passes point of no return

“Change,” “Hope” … Why They Must be Talking About Joe Biden! Alexander Cockburn, Counterpunch, 2008

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