Sunday’s news links – Aug. 9, 2020

The Tenant Uprising Is Here, and It’s Fierce Vice

Activists have stormed courthouses, showed up at a mayor’s house, and even used power tools to get back into one apartment.

One-Third of American Renters Expected to Miss Their August Payment Bloomberg

America Could Have ‘Great Depression’ Levels of Homelessness by Year’s End Vice

If Trump’s Postmaster General Raises Mail-in Ballot Stamp Price, That Could Be an Unconstitutional Poll Tax Law & Crime

‘Friday Night Massacre’ at US Postal Service as Postmaster General—a Major Trump Donor—Ousts Top Officials Common Dreams

Trumped again

It doesn’t look like Trump’s executive actions on coronavirus relief will actually do much Business Insider

Trump’s $400 weekly boost to unemployment insurance won’t increase benefits for jobless Americans anytime soon Business Insider

Trump pledged to permanently scrap the payroll taxes used to fund Social Security and Medicare if he wins re-election Business Insider

Trump Just Admitted on Live Television He Will ‘Terminate’ Social Security and Medicare If Reelected in November Common Dreams

Derrick Ingram, in the red plaid, locking arms with Black Lives Matter activists as they marched to the precinct on Saturday.

Abolish NYPD

Protest Leader Targeted In NYPD Raid Allegedly Shouted In Cop’s Ear Two Months Ago Gothamist

The NYPD Took a Step Toward Fascism When it Kidnapped Nikki Stone. Then They’ll Come for You. Orinoco Tribune

A Majority Of NYPD Officers Don’t Live In New York City, New Figures Show Gothamist

Vallejo Police Officers Performed Ritual to Celebrate Each Time They Killed on the Job Orinoco Tribune


‘Everyone tested positive’: Covid devastates agriculture workers in California’s heartland Guardian

Thousands of bikers heading to South Dakota rally to be blocked at tribal land checkpoints Guardian

Navajo Nation’s Shortage of Clean Water Is Impeding Efforts to Control COVID Truthout


State Terrorism in Chile against the Mapuche Resumen

Chile’s shameful night of violence shatters strained relationship with Indigenous communities The Canary


World should unite and denounce new cold war Global Times

Academics and activists join forces to prevent ‘new Cold War’ CGTN

Western media’s favorite Hong Kong ‘freedom struggle writer’ is American ex-Amnesty staffer in yellowface Grayzone

Satellite images show oil spill disaster unfolding in Mauritius: “We will never be able to recover” CBS

Software that monitors students during tests perpetuates inequality and violates their privacy MIT Technology Review

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