Wednesday’s news links – Aug. 5, 2020

Stop evictions, foreclosures

Wave of evictions expected as moratoriums end in many states AP

28 Million Evictions Loom as Houses Sit Empty Consortium News

New Orleans protesters shut down eviction court and block landlords’ entrance FightBack! News

Aurora police detain Black family after mistaking their vehicle as stolen DenverChannel

AURORA, Colo. — “Police detained and handcuffed a Black mother and four children after mistaking their SUV for a stolen motorcycle from another state.”

Police Violence Was a Problem in Portland Long Before Federal Agents Arrived The Appeal


Chicago Teachers Union to call for strike vote at meeting next week Chicago Sun-Times

Postal Union Leader Warns Trump Assault on USPS and Mail-In Voting Puts Nation on ‘Dangerous Path Toward Dictatorship’ Common Dreams


Statement From Yale Faculty on Hydroxychloroquine and Its Use in COVID-19 Counterpunch

Yes, the Coronavirus Is in the Air NYTimes

Transmission through aerosols matters — and probably a lot more than we’ve been able to prove yet.


Elliot Abrams Confirms to Senate Hearing That US Still ‘Working Hard’ to Overthrow Maduro in Venezuela Common Dreams


Bolivia: Roadblocks against the Dictatorship Setting up Around the Country Resumen

Indefinite strike begins in Bolivia against postponement of general elections Peoples Dispatch


The Fallacy of Denouncing ‘Both Sides’ Of The U.S.-China Conflict Qiao Collective

In order to challenge the New Cold War on China, the left must abandon these equivalencies and disrupt the U.S. war machine.


Another BDS victory over Israel’s apartheid In Palestine

Beirut after and before.


Beirut Blast Wrap-up Moon of Alabama

‘The worst thing I’ve ever seen’: Doctors treat wounded in rubble of destroyed hospitals after Beirut explosions Independent eyewitness report

Ammonium nitrate: the everyday fertiliser behind the Beirut blast The National

“Beirut: Ornament of Our World” Faiz’s 1982 Poem on Beirut Vijay Prashad

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