Tuesday’s news links – Aug. 4, 2020

Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier: “My Medical Problems are Not Getting Any Better. I am Seriously Hurting.” Native News Online

Humanitarian Camp Raided by Border Patrol and BORTAC, 30+ People Arrested Unicorn Riot

Tulare County California during the Pandemic – the Hard Price of Poverty Resumen

LEE CAMP: Why Housing Is a Human Right

America is not based on hard work. Get it out of your head that this society is set up to be fair. Fair would be everyone with a roof over their head.

The Role of Police in Gentrification The Appeal

A lawsuit alleges Breonna Taylor died because Louisville was trying to arrest its way toward economic redevelopment. Research shows this is common.

White Supremacy Shaped American Christianity, Researcher Says HuffPost

Trump Gives Senior Pentagon Position to Retired General Who Called Obama a ‘Terrorist Leader’ Rolling Stone

Trump fires TVA chair, cites hiring of foreign workers AP

Police committed 125 human rights violations during Floyd protests: Amnesty TheHill (this is a serious undercount, unless they meant on one day in New York City)

DHS Obtained Protesters’ Encrypted Messages, Used Them To Craft ‘Intelligence’ Reports TechDirt

Many Americans Are Convinced Crime Is Rising In The U.S. They’re Wrong. FiveThirtyEight


New Report Reveals Israel Demolishes Over 2,000 Palestinian Bedouin Homes per Year MPN

Open letter from General Director of Edward Said National Conservatory of Music on threat to stop music education in Palestine

Movement in Palestine Current Affairs


Garifuna leaders in Honduras still missing after 16 days Peoples Dispatch


Trump Presses Microsoft, TikTok Into A Deal That Neither Wants – Who Profits From It? Moon of Alabama

China Won’t Allow a TikTok ‘Smash and Grab’ by U.S., State Media Warns Bloomberg

Trump calls TikTok a hot brand, demands a chunk of its sale price Tech Crunch


The Coronavirus Is Airborne. Keep Saying It. Slate

It’s a jarring message, and the right one.

AstraZeneca Gets Protection from Future Product Liability Claims for COVID Vaccine Insurance Journal

John Lewis’ legacy: Four Southern states are still battling for voter rights Scalawag

After Talking “All Day Long” To Rich New Yorkers In The Hamptons, Cuomo Says He Can’t Raise Their Taxes Gothamist

Coca-Cola ‘paid scientists to downplay how sugary beverages fueled the obesity crisis between 2013-2015,’ medical journal study finds Daily Mail

How the Pandemic Defeated America. A virus has brought the world’s most powerful country to its knees. The Atlantic

Few countries have been as severely hit as the United States, which has just 4 percent of the world’s population but a quarter of its confirmed COVID‑19 cases and deaths. These numbers are estimates. The actual toll, though undoubtedly higher, is unknown, because the richest country in the world still lacks sufficient testing to accurately count its sick citizens. …

“The U.S. fundamentally failed in ways that were worse than I ever could have imagined,” Julia Marcus, an infectious-disease epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School, told me.

Since the pandemic began, I have spoken with more than 100 experts in a variety of fields. I’ve learned that almost everything that went wrong with America’s response to the pandemic was predictable and preventable. A sluggish response by a government denuded of expertise allowed the coronavirus to gain a foothold. Chronic underfunding of public health neutered the nation’s ability to prevent the pathogen’s spread. A bloated, inefficient health-care system left hospitals ill-prepared for the ensuing wave of sickness. Racist policies that have endured since the days of colonization and slavery left Indigenous and Black Americans especially vulnerable to COVID‑19. The decades-long process of shredding the nation’s social safety net forced millions of essential workers in low-paying jobs to risk their life for their livelihood. The same social-media platforms that sowed partisanship and misinformation during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Africa and the 2016 U.S. election became vectors for conspiracy theories during the 2020 pandemic.

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