Friday’s news links – July 31, 2020

Anti-eviction protesters effectively walled off the entrances to a New Orleans courthouse on July 30, 2020. Photo: New Orleans Renters Rights Assembly

Anti-Eviction Protesters Just Blocked People From Entering a New Orleans Courthouse Vice

California landlords are locking out struggling tenants. A ‘tsunami of evictions’ may be next Guardian

Brooklyn Teamsters Protest UPS Harassment of Black Shop Stewards Labor Notes

Airline Contractors Laid Off 9,300 Workers While Receiving $728 Million In Federal Aid, Lawmakers Allege Labor 411

How Bad is the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act? Counterpunch

Somehow, Congress couldn’t find the time last week to renew extended unemployment benefits or the federal moratorium on evictions. Congress had something more pressing to think about than 30 million unemployed Americans: the Pentagon budget.

A $10 Trillion Corporate Debt Bomb Is Waiting to Explode the U.S. Economy Rigged Game

Big Oil Going Bankrupt, Laying Off Workforce Despite Billions In Taxpayer-Backed Bailouts Common Dreams

Pardoned By Cuomo But Detained By ICE, Bronx Immigrant Marks Three Years In ICE Detention Gothamist

The Rot Of The St. Louis Elite Goes Far Deeper Than The “Gun Couple” Current Affairs

As extra jobless benefits end, millions of Americans struggle to afford food CBS


U.S. Leads the Globe as Coronavirus Deaths Pass 150,000, Hospitalizations Rise

U.S. reports 1,400 coronavirus deaths in a day — about one per minute

We Thought It Was Just a Respiratory Virus – We were wrong. UCSF

Doctor who treated Samantha Hickey explains circumstances of her death Idaho Statesman

Over half of coronavirus patients in Spain have developed neurological problems, studies show

‘Perfect storm’: 2020 could be worst year yet for hunger in Yemen with millions on brink of famine Independent


Republican China Hawks Secretly Approaching Team Biden The Daily Beast

Hong Kong Reading List Written By Qiao Collective

Qiao Collective curated a short reading list that provides a critical lens on the driving forces of the Hong Kong protests: fervent anti-communism and a fetishization of abstract liberalism, British colonial nostalgia, anti-Chinese racism, and appeals to Western intervention.

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