Wednesday’s news links – July 29, 2020

Teachers union authorizes strikes if schools reopen without certain safety measures TheHill

Coronavirus is Unleashing Righteous Worker Anger and a New Wave of Unionism LATimes

NYPD Under Scrutiny After Videos Show Officers Pulling Protester Into Unmarked Van HuffPost

Officers Throwing Protest Leader Into Unmarked Van Gothamist

Portland Protests Update : Professor Maureen Healy shot In the head by fed agents.

“Defendant Shall Not Attend Protests”: In Portland, Getting Out of Jail Requires Relinquishing Constitutional Rights ProPublica

‘Umbrella Man’ was a white supremacist trying to incite George Floyd rioting Star Tribune

A masked man who was seen in a viral video smashing the windows of a south Minneapolis auto parts store during the George Floyd protests, earning him the moniker “Umbrella Man,” is suspected to be a member of the Hell’s Angels biker gang seeking to incite racial tension in a demonstration that until then had been peaceful.

Tom Cotton’s Slave-Owning Ancestors

More Than One In Four Young Adults Say They’ve Personally Participated In A Protest For Racial Justice Forbes

Indigenous Peoples

Native American tribe gets back Big Sur ancestral lands after 250 years KTLA


How a Police Spy’s Stunning Testimony Threatens the Official Buenos Aires Bombing Story Consortium News


Officials Push U.S.-China Relations Toward Point of No Return NYTimes

Australia-US looking to ramp up joint military exercises in South China Sea Sydney Morning Herald

US Spy Planes Fly Close to Shanghai, Fujian as Another Possibly Violates Taiwanese Airspace Sputnik

Watch The US And Its Allies Blow The Hell Out Of A Warship In A Clear Message To China Task & Purpose (from 2018, still relevant)

Navy ‘ready to flex’ Rim of the Pacific exercise in Hawaii despite coronavirus outbreak Star Advertiser

Three Gorges Dam under fast mounting flood pressure Asia Times


The Beginning of the U.S.-Iran Hot War? Informed Comment

3 Dead as Iraqi Crowds Protest Electricity Outages in 124° Heat; Have US and Climate Crisis left Iraq Unviable? Juan Cole

U.S. and ‘Them’ Inside Higher Ed

A leading voice on welfare reform is accused of racism after he publishes an article linking poverty to “culture.”

The New York Times has a misogyny problem, too Press Watch


Richard D. Wolff – Many Terms That Are Frequently Used to Describe Capitalism Simply Don’t Hold Up Under Scrutiny

Why Bitcoin is not a socialist’s ally – Reply to Ben Arc Yanis Varoufakis

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