Tuesday’s news links – July 28, 2020

11 million households could be evicted over the next four months Fast Company

Smash white supremacy

Witness to Austin Black Lives Matter shooting says ‘the driver incited the violence’ CNN

More federal officers deploying to Portland as protests gain momentum OPB

National Guard officer challenges official account of Lafayette Square incident Axios

Revealed: oil giants help fund powerful police groups in top US cities Guardian

Demonstrators Call For Release of San Quentin Prisoners Amidst COVID Outbreak Capital & Main

Tom Cotton’s Slave-Owning Ancestors Historic.ly

Tom Cotton feels very strongly that 1619 project should not be used to teach kids.He has sponsored a bill that cuts funding to using the 1619 project to teach kids. Is an ulterior motive for Tom Cotton to not want anyone to learn the truth about slavery? If we dig into records of slave ownership, we can see that Tom Cotton’s family owned slaves.

As Climate Change Burns Arizona, State Has More Imprisoned Firefighters Than Employees DrilledNews

‘Black-on-Black Crime’ Is a Dangerous Myth Teen Vogue

Indigenous Peoples

First Nations leaders speak out against Canada’s refusal to allow appeal of Trans Mountain Pipeline approval Last Real Indians

WNBA Players—Again—Show the Meaning of Radical Dissent Dave Zirin

Union vote highlights coronavirus crisis for California’s home day-care providers LATimes

Hotel Workers to LA County: We’re Getting Sick Labor411

China – Iran

China Signs Series Of Deals To Develop Supergiant Oilfield In Iran OilPrice


Bolivia’s Ongoing Coup Tribune

Faced with a victory for Evo Morales’ MAS party, the Bolivian government has postponed elections once again – the latest attack on democracy by a coup regime which Western powers supported in its name.


How Cuba Survived Helen Yaffe

For decades, commentators predicted that Cuba’s socialist model couldn’t survive without the USSR or Fidel Castro. They were wrong – and even in the face of continued sanctions, its unique system endures.

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