Monday’s news links – July 27, 2020

Donald Trump describes protesters as ‘anarchists’ as police and demonstrators clash in weekend of violence in US Evening Standard

‘We’re more determined than ever’: Seattle protesters condemn Trump’s dispatch of federal agents to city Independent

Wall of Vets, grandparents support Black Lives Matter movement at protest KATU

Portlanders use leaf-blowers to isolate and return tear gas to the thugs who threw it Boing Boing

Protesting Native Deaths by Police In These Times

Amid protests against police violence nationwide, a march was held in remembrance of a Native man who died in police custody while suffering a mental health crisis.

For racial justice protests, Trump taps Homeland Security BORTAC squad, air marshals and Coast Guard MarketWatch

U.N. human rights office calls on U.S. police to limit use of force Washington Post

Man Shot and Killed at Black Lives Matter Protest in Austin, Witnesses Say the Suspect Tried to Drive Them Down The Root

Tom Cotton calls slavery ‘necessary evil’ in attack on New York Times’ 1619 Project

Homeland Security Was Destined to Become a Secret Police Force New Yorker


‘Only those with plastic visors were infected’: Swiss government warns against face shields The Local

Think that extra $600 in unemployment benefits will last until the end of July? Think again. USAToday

The additional $600 in weekly jobless benefits provided by the federal government is officially set to end July 31. But states will pay it only through the week ending July 25 or July 26, a significant blow to unemployed workers counting on that money to bolster state benefits that average just $370 a week.


Elon Musk Confesses to Lithium Coup in Bolivia teleSUR


How Vietnam’s socialist approach is winning the battle against COVID-19 Peoples Dispatch

Emerging COVID-19 success story: Vietnam’s commitment to containment Exemplars in Global Health

Remembering the Bonus Army Protest of 1932 Common Dreams

July 28 will mark almost the 90th anniversary of one of most controversial protests in U.S. history and yet it remains virtually unknown to most Americans. On that day in 1932, 500 U.S. army infantrymen with loaded rifles, fixed bayonets, and gas grenades containing a vomit-inducing ingredient, 200 calvary, a machine gun squadron, 800 police, and six M1917 army tanks prepared to attack 17,000 unarmed men, plus thousands of their wives and children. Moments before the assault, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, in charge of the operation, turned to a police official standing next to him and said, “I will break the back of the enemy.”

Biden Just Made A Big Promise To His Wall Street Donors TMI

After being lauded for his task force policies, the Democratic nominee promised wealthy contributors that changing corporate behavior “is not going to require legislation — I’m not proposing any.”

Interview with the General Secretary of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, Aleksandar Banjanac, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Yugoslavia did not disintegrate on its own, it was violently dismantled for the sake of the interests of Western imperialism, big capital and monopolies who saw their important geostrategic goals and interests in our region, which are still of course very important to them.

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