Friday’s news links – July 24, 2020


U.S. warplanes threaten Iranian airliner over Syria PressTV

Two U.S. Fighter Jets Intercept Iranian Passenger Plane Over Syria South Front


In Landmark Speech, Pompeo Says China is World’s Biggest Threat Washington Free Beacon

Experts denounce Pompeo’s ‘crazy’ speech, warn possible military clash Global Times

China braces for impact after mass flooding at Three Gorges Dam UPI

In a joint demonstration of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, players of the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals knelt in unison before the opening game of the 2020 baseball season.

Trump forced to cancel RNC acceptance speech, Jacksonville wins showdown FightBack!


The Lead Federal Agency Responding to Protesters in Portland Employs Thousands of Private Contractors Medium

What has not been reported widely in the media, however, is the fact that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) unit that is coordinating the “crowd control” effort — an agency called the Federal Protective Service (FPS) — is composed largely of contract security personnel. Those contractors are being furnished to FPS by major private-sector security companies like Blackwater corporate descendant Triple Canopy as well as dozens of other private security firms.

An Air Force Special Operations Surveillance Plane Is Lurking Near Portland During Federal Crackdown Intercept

The Federal Response to Protests Extends Far Beyond Portland The Nation

Opinion | Mr. President, stay out of our cities Washington Post

Opinion by Marilyn J. Mosby and Larry Krasner. Marilyn J. Mosby is the state’s attorney for Baltimore City. Larry Krasner is the district attorney for Philadelphia.


US coronavirus cases pass 4 million in rapid acceleration SCMP

Average number of new US cases now rising by more than 2,600 every hour, the highest rate in the world

Italy’s earliest coronavirus strains did not arrive from China, study suggests SCMP

Immigrants at Privately Run ICE Detention Center Were Thrown Out of Wheelchairs When They Asked For Medical Help Intercept


SF joins fight for US-Cuba medical cooperation 48hills

Resolution: Promoting Medical and Scientific Collaboration Between San Francisco and Cuba PDF


Bolivia, a Devastated Country Resumen

Bolivia: Police Remove 420 Bodies From the Streets in 5 Days Orinoco Tribune


Brazil Exclusive: the Money Laundering Scandal From Hell No One Wants to Talk About Pepe Escobar


At Security Council Meeting, China Warns Israel Against West Bank Annexation Haaretz

Israel destroys COVID-19 testing clinic in Hebron as cases soar Mondoweiss

Capitalist crisis

Media Continues to Misreport Unemployment: 31.8 Million People on State & Federal Unemployment Insurance. Week 18 of U.S. Labor Market Collapse Wolf Street

PUA claims (gig workers) now 41% of total unemployment. 20% of labor force on unemployment insurance. All combined, there are 31.8 million people on the unemployment rolls. Realistic unemployment rate: 20%.

Eviction Filings Are Already Rising Salon

The unemployment situation is really, really bad Axios

In North Carolina, unpaid utility bills are driving families and cities to the financial brink Washington Post


Maine Shipbuilders Bring the Hammer Down to Reject Concessions Labor Notes

New Orleans trash workers’ forced strike enters week 10 People’s World

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