Thursday’s news links – July 23, 2020

A federal law enforcement officer pushes a mother back during a demonstration against the presence of federal law enforcement officers and racial inequality in Portland, Oregon, U.S., July 21, 2020.

Federal agents retreat to Portland base as protesters control streets Guardian

Donald Trump’s shadowy police taskforce has given new life to protests and may not be succeeding in PR terms either

Mayor of Portland, Oregon, tear gassed by federal agents AP

Trump announces ‘surge’ of federal officers into Democratic-run cities Guardian

Mothers across U.S. stand up to federal agents at anti-racism protests Reuters

Court documents reveal secretive federal unit deployed for ‘Operation Diligent Valor’ in Oregon Reuters

NYPD Busts Up Occupy City Hall Camp In Pre-Dawn Raid

After cutting ties with police, Minneapolis schools are quietly hiring security guards

Plastic Handcuff Use by NYPD During Anti-Brutality Protests Strikes a Nerve The City


Turns Out Mass Death Is Bad For The Economy Huffington Post

Colleges Are Getting Ready to Blame Their Students Atlantic

As campuses reopen without adequate testing, universities fault young people for a lack of personal responsibility.

Medical student Malone Mukwende couldn’t find how symptoms look on darker skin. He’s publishing a book about it. Washington Post

Want A COVID-19 Test? It’s Much Easier To Get In Wealthier, Whiter Neighborhoods FiveThirtyEight

US tourist boat at Niagara Falls is PACKED with people while those on Canadian vessel next to it are socially distanced Sun

How McKinsey Is Making $100 Million (and Counting) Advising on the Government’s Bumbling Coronavirus Response Mother Jones

Fight racism

Was Breonna Taylor killing driven by gentrification? Studies suggest it’s possible Salon

10 myths about the racial wealth gap Axios

For years, there’s been a popular notion — even among some Black people — that the wealth difference between white and Black Americans could be closed if Black folks collectively “got it together.”

Reality check: The wealth gap — which could more accurately be described as a wealth chasm because of just how large it is —would not be closed by Black Americans doing any of the things that have been proposed, or all of them. …

The wealth gap is the product of centuries of inequality and racism that has grown too large to be impacted significantly by individual actions, achievements or choices.

Liberal, progressive — and racist? The Sierra Club faces its white-supremacist history. Washington Post

Joe Biden incorrectly claims that Trump is America’s first ‘racist’ president Business Insider 

How Many U.S. Presidents Owned Enslaved People? History

Re-animated Strom Thurmond to speak at DNC Convention Beet Press

The Latest in School Segregation: Private Pandemic ‘Pods’ NYTimes

Capitalist crisis

Almost 8 Million Americans Are Out of Work Without Childcare Bloomberg

Fracking Firms Fail, Rewarding Executives and Raising Climate Fears NYTimes

Oil and gas companies are hurtling toward bankruptcy, raising fears that wells will be left leaking planet-warming pollutants, with cleanup costs left to taxpayers.

House Democratic Leadership Teams Up With Republicans To Keep US Troops in Afghanistan Antiwar

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