Tuesday’s news links – July 21, 2020

Protesters mass in front of federal building in Portland.

Federal Agents ‘Beaten Back’ Into Portland Courthouse by 2,000 Protesters, Including Parent Groups Daily Beast

DHS authorizes personnel to collect information on protesters it says threaten monuments Washington Post

“Trump is morphing DHS into his private little rogue, secret army.”

Trump threatens to send officers to more US cities BBC

Homeland Security Planning To Deploy 150 Agents To Chicago This Week Forbes

Albuquerque Police Use White Supremacist Militias Instead of Feds to Harass Protesters HCN

A Strike for Black Lives

Workers in 25 cities held a short strike to protest systemic racism in society and the economy

Majority of Voters Say U.S. Society Is Racist as Support Grows for Black Lives Matter Wall Street Journal


As Coronavirus Patients Skew Younger, Tracing Task Seems All But Impossible KHN

Trump said Covid-19 testing ‘creates more cases.’ We did the math STAT

Florida teachers union files lawsuit against state over school reopening order WINK

COVID-19 and the garment industry’s invisible hands openDemocracy

U.S. Airlines Face End of Business Travel as They Knew It Bloomberg

‘A very dark feeling’: Hundreds camp out in Oklahoma unemployment lines Washington Post

An Ickier Outbreak: Trench Fever Spread by Lice Is Found in Denver KHN

Associated Press Explains Why It’ll Be Capitalizing Black, Not White, In Powerful Statement Blavity

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