Sunday’s news links – July 19, 2020

52 days of continuous protests in Portland, Ore.


Portland Police Union Building Set Aflame as Police Declare Riot, Use Tear Gas Newsweek

50 Nights of Unrest in Portland NYTimes

Federal Agents Unleash Militarized Crackdown on Portland NYTimes

Border Patrol’s Dream of Becoming A National Police Force Is Becoming a Reality Jenn Budd

The United States Border Patrol and its parent agency, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), have long wanted to become a national police force. This week, they took a dangerous step closer to realizing that vision. As Acting Secretary of CBP Mark Morgan was tweeting about deploying these unaccountable agents across the country to clamp down on people protesting the killing of George Floyd, immigration agents were already deployed in the streets of Washington DCSan Diego and El Paso. This after a CBP predator drone flew over protester in Minneapolis last week.

The Constitution In The 100-Mile Border Zone ACLU

Indigenous Peoples

The Catholic Church siphoned away $30M paid to Native people for stolen land Indian Country Today

Capitalist crisis

The U.S. Set Up These Programs to Offset Covid Hardship. They’re All About to Expire. Bloomberg

Boosted Unemployment Benefits Set to Expire as Pandemic and Economic Fallout Worsen Esquire

A Jobless Recovery Is Becoming a Real Risk for Europe’s Economy Bloomberg

Companies Made Millions Building Unemployment Websites That Didn’t Work The Markup

Capital Wars Michael Roberts

What is new is Howell’s emphasis on what new ways the financial system has found to expand what Marx called ‘fictitious capital’, ie financial assets supposedly representing future new value and profits. Whereas banks used to rely on customer deposits to lend and speculate with; now the chief source of funds is not deposits, but repurchase agreements or ‘repos’, a form of borrowing that has to be backed by ‘collateral’ in the form of “safe” assets such as government bonds.


After the Recent Surge in Coronavirus Cases, Deaths Are Now Rising Too NYTimes

Short-range airborne route dominates exposure of respiratory infection during close contact Building and Environment

‘Remember to smile with your eyes’: how to stay safe and look great in a face mask Guardian

Televangelists take a slice as churches accept billions in US coronavirus aid Guardian

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