Saturday’s news links – July 18, 2020

Cheryl LaBash, co-director of the National Network of Solidarity with Cuba. Photo: Prensa Latina

We need to learn from what Cuba has done, US activist says (+ Video) Prensa Latina


U.S. coronavirus cases rise by over 70,000 for second day in a row Reuters

Quarantine is not Synonymous with Lockdown Resumen

A new survey finds hundreds of McDonald’s workers have been assaulted by anti-mask customers, as mandatory masks become the norm Business Insider

AOC Says Democratic Party Is ‘Center-Conservative Party,’ Adds ‘We Don’t Have a Left Party’ in The U.S. Newsweek

Breonna Taylor was alive after police shooting, but did not receive treatment Axios

Portland, Oregon

Federal Agents Invade Portland, Citing Trump’s Executive Order Protecting Statues Mother Jones

Feds Vowed to Quell Unrest in Portland. Local Leaders Are Telling Them to Leave. NYTimes

Portland Mayor Condemns Masked Federal Agents Abducting Protesters MPN

The Border Patrol Was Responsible for an Arrest in Portland The Nation

‘We call it kidnapping’: Federal officers accused of using unmarked cars to arrest Portland protesters Telegraph

Oregon’s governor accuses Donald Trump of a ‘blatant abuse of power’ as officers try to break up anti-racism protests

Federal agents arrest Portland protesters in unmarked cars, sparking intense backlash Washington Post

The Authoritarian Operation in Portland Is Only a Dress Rehearsal Esquire

A major American city is being softly Pinochet’ed in broad daylight.

Los Angeles Police Throw Black Lives Matter Protester Out of Wheelchair, Then Break It in Viral Video Newsweek

Felony charges dropped against 87 Breonna Taylor protesters arrested on Kentucky AG’s yard NBC

Indigenous Peoples

High schools are front lines in mascots fight Indian Country Today

Capitalist crisis

32 Million People on State & Federal Unemployment, 2nd Highest Ever: Week 17 of U.S. Labor Market Collapse Wolf Street

Greatest Increase Ever in U.S. Wages Is Actually Horrible News Bloomberg

The unusually large increase in median weekly earnings in the second quarter reflects the fact that employment declined more for lower-paid workers than for higher-paid workers.

Universal basic income isn’t enough — the US needs to start giving every citizen a job, argues a star left-wing economist Business Insider

There Can Be No Equality Without a Dramatic Renewal of Employment Opportunity for All American Workers INET


1.65 million Hong Kong residents sign petition opposing US and foreign meddling in China’s internal affairs Global Times

US interest in 5G isn’t really about 5G Asia Times

Clash of civilizations, revisited Pepe Escobar

‘Green Economic Growth’ Is a Myth Vice

There are ‘no realistic scenarios’ to make the economic growth demanded by capitalism compatible with a safe climate, researchers who advised the United Nations found.

Nazis are VICTIMS of hate crime? Police launch probe into graffiti on monument to SS soldiers, Canadians stunned it even exists RT

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