Tuesday’s news links – July 14, 2020

Indigenous Peoples

Reactions to the Washington team name retirement Indian Country Today


Cuban doctors treat the most serious Covid-19 cases in Haiti Prensa Latina


Fear mongering and the police in Cuba Granma

Class struggle

Target’s Gig Workers Will Strike to Protest Switch to Algorithmic Pay Model Vice

After 8 Co-Workers Die of COVID, CO. Meatpackers Strike Again – Mass. Paratransit Driver Strike & More Payday Report

How Trump Is Helping Tycoons Exploit the Pandemic New Yorker

The secretive titan behind one of America’s largest poultry companies, who is also one of the President’s top donors, is ruthlessly leveraging the coronavirus crisis—and his vast fortune—to strip workers of protections.


Miami Hospital ICU Doctor: New Influx Of Patients Is Younger Than Before NPR

Japan has long accepted COVID’s airborne spread, and scientists say ventilation is key CBS

As Disease Sweeps the U.S., a Record 5.4 Million Americans Have Lost Health Insurance, Study Finds NYTimes

“No Return to the ‘Old Normal’ for Foreseeable Future,” Warns WHO Chief Common Dreams

Compelling’ evidence air pollution worsens coronavirus – study Guardian

Man In MAGA Hat Flashes Gun As Restaurant Employee Asks Him to Wear a Mask Newsweek

Capitalist crisis

Next Showdown in Congress: Protecting Workers vs. Protecting Employers in the Pandemic KHN

The Supreme Court Has Given the Green Light to Bosses and Financial Managers to Steal From Workers Jacobin

America’s Jobless Are About to Lose Their $600-a-Week Lifeline Bloomberg

The “Biblical” Default Wave Arrives: Here Is The Avalanche Of Bankruptcies  Zero Hedge

‘It’s going to be really ugly.’ Here come the big bank earnings CNN

Banks Stand to Make $18 Billion in PPP Processing Fees From CARES Act Intercept

ICE Offering ‘Citizens Academy’ Course with Training on Arresting Immigrants MCLaw

Once per week, 6-week civilian course for “defensive tactics, firearm familiarization, and targeted arrests”

‘Tax us. Tax us. Tax us.’ 83 millionaires signed letter asking for higher taxes on the super-rich to pay for COVID-19 recoveries Business Insider – that’s about 0.0004% of the U.S. millionaires

Trump Financial Regulator Quietly Shelved Discrimination Probes Into Bank of America and Other Lenders ProPublica

At least six investigations into discriminatory mortgage loan “redlining” have been halted or stalled — against staff recommendations — under the Trump administration’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

U.S. war drive

Inferno on San Diego Navy ship rages into second day San Diego Union Tribune

The Bonhomme Richard fire deals a blow to the Navy’s designs in the Indo-Pacific Defense News

U.S. officials say intel on Russian bounties was less than conclusive NBC News

The Economic Aspects of a Trade War between Japan and Korea NEO

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