Monday’s news links – July 13, 2020

Police use tear gas and impact munitions to disperse protesters in downtown Portland during 4th of July demonstrations against systemic racism and police violence.

Federal Officers Shoot Portland Protester In Head With ‘Less Lethal’ Munitions OPB


Trump Visits SOUTHCOM, Warns ‘Something Will Happen’ in Venezuela


Coronavirus deaths take a long-expected turn for the worse AP

Bill Nye Makes A PSA On TikTok About How Effective Different Face Masks Are, Goes Viral Bored Panda

A plasma shot could prevent coronavirus. But feds and makers won’t act, scientists say LA Times

 Japan, U.S. discussing jump in coronavirus cases at U.S. military bases Reuters

Military’s COVID-19 cases growing at twice the nationwide rate Military Times

Class war

Strike for Black Lives demands union rights for workers at McDonald’s, Amazon, Uber and others CNN

Airline Industries Laid Off Workers, Then Got Money Meant to Prevent Layoffs TruthOut

Nurse Strike Wave Grows – Latina Nurses Face Retaliation for Reporting Racism – Houston Nurses Strike Payday Report

Employers Are Sick of the Pandemic. Employees Are Paying the Price. Slate

California teachers fight back against pressure to reopen schools Politico

Teachers face off against Trump on school reopenings The Hill

Abolish police

Training the Warrior Cop: US Empire is a Laboratory for Militarized Policing Sputnik

Prominent Claims that Policing is Not Racially Biased Rest on Flawed Science Medium

This article is co-signed by more than 800 academics and researchers in business, communications, computer science, criminal justice, criminology, economics, engineering, gender, geography, history, law, mathematics, medicine, natural sciences, political science, psychology, public health, public policy, race, sociology, and statistics.

Indigenous Peoples

The Supreme Court ruling on Oklahoma was welcome, but Indigenous people deserve more Nick Estes


Washington’s War on Huawei Continues NEO

The ugly truth behind the First World War’s Chinese labourers Independent. Robert Fisk

Ilhan Omar: US must pay compensation for drone attacks


Q&A: UN’s Agnes Callamard on drone strike that killed Soleimani Al Jazeera

Capitalist crisis

The Great American Shale Oil & Gas Massacre: Bankruptcies, Defaulted Debts, Worthless Shares, Collapsed Prices of Oil & Gas Wolf Street

Fracking Firms Fail, Rewarding Executives and Raising Climate Fears NYTimes

Viral Thread Busts The Myth About Famous Billionaires Starting Out “Poor” Bored Panda

What Donald Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ Weekend Says About 2020 NYTimes

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