Saturday’s news links – July 11, 2020

Long-Planned and Bigger Than Thought: Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Program NYTimes

How the House Armed Services Committee, in the Middle of a Pandemic, Approved a Huge Military Budget and More War in Afghanistan Intercept

Abolish police

Police shot Los Angeles security guard in the back five times, autopsy shows Guardian

Police brutality against Black people in Philadelphia: A timeline Inquirer

‘This is a time bomb’—Leaked docs reveal homophobic, racist police instructors Daily Dot

Indigenous Peoples

My great-grandfather carved Mount Rushmore on sacred land. Now is the time to remove it. Kimberly Ford

USC to remove John Wayne exhibit Indian Country Today


Disney Fires 750 Union Performers

Harley-Davidson To Lay Off Nearly 10% Of Employees Labor411

As restaurants reopen, workers step up fight to end tipped minimum wage Salon

Workers fight back as US hotels try to lay off staff and hire on the cheap Guardian


Coronavirus, unemployment, uncertainty imperil Texas workers: ‘It trickles down’ Los Angeles Times

Dozens of Mississippi lawmakers have coronavirus after weeks of refusing to wear masks CNN

Almost 7,000 Floridians are in the hospital because of the coronavirus Axios

CDC Whistleblower Identified the “Fatal Flaw” in Testing Years Ago POGO

AP: Catholic Church lobbied for taxpayer funds, got $1.4B AP

The Revolution at the Gate Boston Review

Photos of Mark and Patricia McCloskey waving guns at St. Louis Black Lives Matter protesters became instantly iconic. But the McCloskeys are also only a symptom of how racism is served by private property.


The New Pirates of Ancient Albion VenezuelAnalysis

London’s refusal to return Venezuela’s gold is a mere continuation of its historical colonialist plundering

The Wasp Network Stings in Miami Resumen

The Washington Post and Its Cold War Drums Counterpunch

Famished NYC Rats Are Harassing Outdoor Diners Forbes

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