Friday’s news links – July 10, 2020

Fight racism

Labor unions and other organizations plan a July 20 walkout to protest racism, police violence Inquirer

Utah governor declares state of emergency due to ‘civil unrest’ TheHill

Indigenous Peoples

Supreme Court Backs Native American Rights Over Eastern Half Of Oklahoma Forbes

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro vetoes Covid-19 protections for indigenous people CNN

Watch the film More Than A Word for free until the end of July.

A fascinating look inside the growing movement to change the name of the Washington football team. Directed by brothers John and Kenn Little, who are members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, the film traces how the word “r*****n” evolved from being a term of racist derision and slander to being embraced as the name of one of the NFL’s most beloved franchises. It also draws on the voices of Native American activists and scholars to place this controversy within the wider context of Native American history and racial stereotyping more generally.

Hair From Ghostly Bears Reveals New Genetic Secrets NYTimes

First Nations peoples along British Columbia’s Central Coast led research to help preserve the area’s white-furred Spirit bears.

Im/migrants and refugees

ICE Offering ‘Citizens Academy’ Course with Training on Arresting Immigrants Newsweek

How police militarization became an over $5 billion business coveted by the defense industry CNBC

Ford employees ask if company should stop building police vehicles Detroit Free-Press


States that raced to reopen let businesses write their own rules, documents show Washington Post

Big Pharma Wants to Pocket the Profits From a COVID Treatment You Already Paid For INET

L.A. Hotel Workers Call for Reopening Pause Labor411

Almost 90% of U.S. Meat Plant Workers With Virus Are Minorities Bloomberg

Riverside County surpasses 20,000 coronavirus cases. That wasn’t supposed to happen yet LATimes

Dozens of Florida hospitals out of available ICU beds, state data shows Reuters

Capitalist crisis

Detroit: civil rights coalition sues to bar water shutoffs for residents Guardian

Housing Crisis Looms As 1 In 4 NYC Tenants Can’t Pay Rent: Report

The second jobs apocalypse Axios

Unemployment Claims Hit New Record: 32.9 Million State & Federal. Week 16 of U.S. Labor Market Collapse Wolf Street

Jobless Claims Continue a Historic 16-Week Streak Newser

CFPB rolls back restrictions on payday lenders Marketplace

Abolish police

Police Surveilled George Floyd Protests With Help From Twitter-Affiliated Startup Dataminr The Intercept

Interview: The League of Revolutionary Black Workers

Two industrial workers, members of Detroit’s League of Revolutionary Black Workers, share experiences with political organizing and education.

‘Cancel Culture’ Is How the Powerful Play Victim Medium

A letter published in ‘Harper’s’ mistakes critiques of the powerful for the silencing of free speech

What Does ‘Caucasian’ Really Mean? 


Biden and Trump on Venezuela: Two Sides of the Same Coin Common Dreams

Why Idaho Hasn’t Stopped Shaking Since March 31 Popular Mechanics

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