Wednesday’s news links – July 8, 2020

Supreme Court deals major blow to Keystone XL project CNN

At Least 5 Black Trans Women Have Died Within A Two-Week Period


U.N. expert deems U.S. drone strike on Iran’s Soleimani an ‘unlawful’ killing Reuters

Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump over drone strike that killed Qasem Soleimani CNN


A New Tonkin Gulf Incident in the Making? ZNet

China’s yuan policy has made Hong Kong redundant Nikkei Asian Review

Trump wanted to ‘Kaepernick’ Bubba Wallace. Instead he made him too big to fail  Guardian

Seattle Detective Placed on Leave for Posting ‘All Lives Splatter’ After Activists Hit by Car  The Root

Maine Spy Agency Spread Far-Right Rumors of BLM Protest Violence Mainer

The US suffragette movement tried to leave out Black women. They showed up anyway Guardian

Mural in Oakland, California. Photo: Bill Hackwell

Bill Hackwell and Anti-Police Brutality Art

Police Chief Defends New York Cop Shown Kneeling On Black Man’s Head In Viral Arrest Video NewsOne

How the Law Killed Ahmaud Arbery Boston Review

SUV Driver Arrested After Plowing Through BLM Protesters in Manhattan Newsweek

Arizona, Mississippi and Texas Report Highest Daily Coronavirus Deaths as Trump Touts Lower Death Rate Newsweek


Drought spurs Australia to import rice or risk empty shelves Straits Times

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