Wednesday’s news links – July 1, 2020

Puerto Rico Governor Declares State of Emergency Due to Drought AP

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier

Indigenous Peoples

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier on Mount Rushmore: “We Are Left Looking at Our Molesters” Native News Online


CDC says U.S. has ‘way too much virus’ to control pandemic as cases surge across country CNBC

After 500,000 deaths, WHO warns worst of coronavirus pandemic is “yet to come” CBS

Returning  Hotel Workers Fear COVID Dangers Capital & Main

Houston Hospitals Deleted and Changed Charts That Track ICU Capacity Vice

The Texas city is the latest to spin the severity of the pandemic with soothing colors and words that obscure the fact that its ICUs are overloaded.

Abolish the police

Local unions defy AFL-CIO in push to oust police unions Politico

Standing Their Ground in Well-Manicured Yards New Republic

The Trump presidency has been a literal call to arms for excitable whites who view nonwhite people as inherent threats.

Belly of the Beast: California’s dark history of forced sterilizations Guardian

Special Report: Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws, oaths remained on the bench Reuters

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