Wednesday’s news links – June 24, 2020

The report documents what the group describes as a “dizzying array of violations by law enforcement across the country.” Image: Amnesty International

New Amnesty Map Documents ‘Shocking Extent’ of US Police Violence Against Black Lives Matter Protesters Common Dreams

Chicago Police Illegally Denied Protesters Right To Attorney, Phone Call, Top Public Defender Says

A Southern Vanguard The Nation

The lost history of communism below the Mason-Dixon line.

This Monument to White Supremacy Hides in Plain Sight NYTimes

The invisibility of Drake’s Cross in a San Francisco park may make it the most fitting monument to white supremacy in the country.

Albuquerque PD, mayor deny mishandling of police response to Oñate protest, shooting

Trump Made a Racist Joke in a Phoenix Megachurch and the Crowd Went Wild Intercept

Trump is still using racist terms to describe the coronavirus. That has real consequences for Asian Americans. Vox


The Hidden Deaths Of The COVID Pandemic Kaiser Health News

Las Vegas Casino Workers Beg Guests To Wear Masks As Nevada Cases Rise HuffPost

Capitalist crisis

Trade wars are class wars – part two: global imbalances? Michael Roberts

Why Reopening Isn’t Enough To Save The Economy NPR

REVEALED: 10 large Silicon Valley tech firms employ ZERO Black women and the net worth of the region’s 10 richest moguls – all white men – is $248B, staggering inequality study finds Daily Mail

U.S. Ranked Worst for Workers’ Rights Among Major Economies Bloomberg


Legal Battle Begins Over Venezuelan Gold Seized by England Internationalist 360°

Colombia: Let the farce of the war on drug trafficking cease

Temperatures Above The Arctic Circle Hit Record High NPR

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