Saturday’s news links – June 20, 2020

Angela Davis pumps her fist during a Juneteenth protest against police brutality as longshoremen shut down the Port of Oakland and 28 other ports along the west coast on Friday in Oakland.

Port of Oakland shut down by dockworkers in observation of Juneteenth SF Chron

Virginia: More Than 12K Have Refused to Return to Work NBC


Transit Union Head to New Yorkers: ‘The Virus is Still Here – Wear a Mask!’

Latinos make up nearly 70% of coronavirus cases in San Diego County — more than three times as many as white residents CBS

Is the Coronavirus Death Tally Inflated? Here’s Why Experts Say No NYTimes

MIT researchers say these are the unsafe businesses to avoid during COVID-19, and these are okay Fast Company

Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben aren’t just racist symbols, they flatten culture for white consumption  LATimes


Juneteenth: A Primer Harper’s Bazaar

Associated Press changes influential style guide to capitalize ‘Black’ Guardian

Not Just “Cops”: It’s Time to End the Entertainment Industry’s Anti-Black, Pro-Police Programming Intercept

U.S. Watched George Floyd Protests in 15 Cities Using Aerial Surveillance NYTimes

Elderly Black Lives Matter protester injured by police and trolled by Trump in hiding after death threats Independent

Two Brooklyn Lawyers Accused Of Throwing Molotov Cocktails Are The Public Face Of Trump Administration’S Crackdown On Dissent Intercept

Racial terror: 2,000 Black Americans were lynched in Reconstruction era, report says Guardian

Statue removals

‘Christopher Columbus, Slave Trader’ by Paiute Steve Melendez, American Indian Genocide Museum

Protesters tear down statues from Confederate monuments in DC and North Carolina CNN


French riot police snatch a 5ft hospital nurse and drag her away by the hair during violent demonstrations by health workers in Paris Daily Mail

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