Thursday’s news links – June 18, 2020

‘We move forward in our fight’: Local unions march from Oakland to Berkeley in support of Black Lives Matter Daily Californian

Here Are the 98 U.S. Cities Where Protesters Were Tear-Gassed NYTimes

A tiny Ohio town’s Black Lives Matter event was overrun by armed counterprotesters Washington Post

Kicked Off the Land New Yorker

Between 1910 and 1997, African-Americans lost about ninety per cent of their farmland.

Over-Policing In Schools Is an Issue Black Students Have Been Fighting for Years Teen Vogue

‘Who will protect you from rape without police?’ Here’s my answer to that question | Moira Donegan

The reality is that the police are often more likely to hurt women than to help us. Let’s face the grim facts

Why Reparations Should Be One Of Today’s Top Political Demands Current Affairs

Philadelphia Court Supervisor Fired After He’s Seen Tearing Down ‘Black Lives Matter’ Signs: ‘Not To Me, They Don’t’

“It Will Take Me Just Under Twenty Five Years to Pay off the First Surgery” – Journalist Blinded by Cops Speaks Out MPN

Punishment by Pandemic New Yorker

In a penitentiary with one of the U.S.’s largest coronavirus outbreaks, prison terms become death sentences.

NYPD Investigating Death Of Black Man Found Hanging From Tree In Manhattan Park Gothamist

“Most Overpaid Cops in the Country” Seattle Police Rake in up to $300k per Year MPN

An entire Florida SWAT team resigned last week. It’s for the best. Washington Post


The Long Fight for LGBT Labor Equality Boston Review

Indigenous Peoples

Judge Orders Trump Administration To Give Tribes Their COVID-19 Relief Funds HuffPost

‘Columbus Can’t Represent Us’: Some Massachusetts Italian Americans Call For Statue Of Italian Explorer To Be Removed WBUR

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mayor Alan Webber says the city will remove memorials to Kit Carson and Don Diego De Vargas. Indian Country Today


Workers United Branch Calls on AFL-CIO to Expel Police Unions In These Times

Target Raises Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour Forbes


If 80% of Americans Wore Masks, COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet, New Study Says Vanity Fair

236 people got the coronavirus after an Oregon church held services during lockdown — more evidence that religious gatherings are superspreading hotspots Business Insider


Another Crack Appears In US Sanctions: Mexican President Offers To Sell Petroleum To Venezuela

Big Oil rules

US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 target German economy, says diplomat TASS

Russian Energy Minister Slams US Actions Towards Nord Stream 2 as Interference Sputnik

Climate change

1973: Ernest Mandel on Marxism and ecology, ‘The dialectic of growth’ Monthly Review

There is a fairy tale that Marx was first of all an admirer of technology and that he considered it ‘the foundation of what exists and the engine of the future’. Although this fairy tale has been refuted countless times, people continue to believe it.

Capitalist crisis

Meritocracy Legitimizes, Deepens Inequality IPS

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