Wednesday’s news links – June 17, 2020


Race gaps in COVID-19 deaths are even bigger than they appear Brookings

The COVID-19 pandemic has been like the flash of an X-ray, exposing the deep fractures in U.S. society – not least by race. New data from CDC shows that the death rates among Black and Hispanic/Latino people are much higher than for white people, in all age categories

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Father Dies From Complications of Covid-19 NYTimes

Coronavirus round-up: US death toll surpasses that of WWI as new infections hit record highs in six states Telegraph

‘This Is Mass Murder’: Covid-19 Deaths in US Prisons Have Risen by 73% the Past Month Common Dreams

People walk along East Pine Street during ongoing Black Lives Matter events in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle

Fight racism

Don’t Listen to Fox. Here’s What’s Really Going On in Seattle’s Protest Zone. Politico

Protester Shot in New Mexico as Clashes Erupt Between ‘Civil Guard’ Militia and Community Over Monument to Brutal Conquistador Common Dreams

Manuel Ellis: new video appears to show officer using chokehold on black man Guardian

Video taken on 3 March contradicts accounts from county sheriff’s office of moments leading up to Ellis’s death

A black officer stepped in when a white cop had a suspect in a chokehold. She was fired and the city wants an investigation CNN

Elderly Man Shoved to Ground by Buffalo Police Has Fractured Skull, Unable to Walk, Attorney Says Sputnik

NBA Players Face the Question: To Boycott or Not to Boycott Dave Zirin

When Alabama revolutionaries took on the KKK Counterfire

Pastor Apologizes After Saying Slavery Was A ‘White Blessing’ And ‘White Privilege’ Term Should Be Replaced

NYPD Unions Falsely Claim Shake Shack Workers “Intentionally Poisoned” Officers Gothamist … just confirms that everything the cops say are lies

The Far Right Is Stirring Up Violence at Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Daily Beast

Extreme right ‘boogaloo’ follower charged over policeman’s death during BLM protest Telegraph

Indigenous Peoples

Study finds only harmful effects from Native-themed mascots Indian Country Today

U.S. Supreme Court Grants Right-Of-Way To Key Natural Gas Pipeline


Philly Sanitation Workers Rally, Join Demand for PPE, Right to Refuse Dangerous Work Labor Notes

China urges India to restrain Global Times

Puerto Rico

Grupos independentistas piden a la ONU celebrar la audiencia de 2020 sobre Puerto Rico  (Web translator: Pro-independence groups ask the UN to hold the 2020 hearing on Puerto Rico)

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