Saturday’s news links – June 13, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t ending — it’s surging Washington Post

Record Virus Numbers Thrust States Into Life-or-Death Choice Bloomberg

The Abrupt, Radical Reversal in How Public Health Experts Now Speak About the Coronavirus and Mass Gatherings Intercept

One In Eight Essential Workers Rely On Food Stamps Labor 411

Trump administration issues rule to curtail health protections for transgender people NBC

Donald Trump DELAYS his MAGA comeback rally in Tulsa from Juneteenth to June 20 out of ‘respect’ following huge backlash over his decision to host first post-COVID campaign event at site of 1921 race massacre Daily Mail

Hundreds of people come each day to the autonomous zone in Seattle, Washington, the United States. Photo: Ian Morse/Al Jazeera


In Seattle, a ‘project’ toward a cop-free world Al Jazeera

Dozens of Seattle-area businesses closed Friday as part of general strike in support of Black Lives Matter Seattle Times

Seattle Protesters Take Over City Hall, Demand Mayor’s Resignation Forbes

‘This is not a game’: Trump threatens to ‘take back’ Seattle as protesters set up ‘autonomous zone’ Washington Post

‘Make Us All Safe. Go Back to Your Bunker’ Seattle Mayor Tells Trump Rolling Stone

One Big Difference About George Floyd Protests: Many White Faces NYTimes

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Cites ‘Systematic Racism and the Bullsh*t’ in Holdout Effort Against NBA Restart Amid Nationwide Protests Mediaite

How the Electric Slide became the Black Lives Matter protest dance Guardian

Abolish police

Why a Local Labor Council Is Threatening to Expel the Seattle Police Guild Labor Notes

Writers Guild East Leading Charge to Take Cops Out of Labor FAIR

Derek Chauvin: Officer charged with killing George Floyd still eligible for pension worth more than $1 million CNN

Police in schools: Minneapolis, Denver and Portland have moved to end the presence of cops in local schools. Police forces have a presence in the 25 biggest school districts nationwide, per Chalkbeat.

Trump to accept GOP nomination in Jacksonville on anniversary of KKK’s “Ax Handle Saturday” attack Salon

Customs and Border Protection used money meant for food and medicine on dirt bikes and ATVs, says GAO NBC

War games

Pentagon War Game Includes Scenario for Military Response to Domestic Gen Z Rebellion Intercept

Stay safe

How to Spot Police Surveillance Tools Popular Mechanics

The hidden detectors looking for guns and knives BBC

Are you an anarchist? Lawyers say New York police grilled protesters’ politics Reuters 

Did a Government Drone Flight Over a Protest Violate the Fourth Amendment? Lawfare

Racist statue removals 

‘It’s time for this statue to come down’: Local indigenous groups call for permanent removal of North End’s Columbus statue

Native American families react to the removal of Christopher Columbus statue in St. Paul ABC

Is There a Racist Monument In Your Town? Check This Map to Find Out Vice

Snap CEO says in internal meeting he won’t release diversity numbers because it would reinforce the perception that Silicon Valley isn’t diverse Business Insider


Hong Kong’s ‘pro-democracy’ movement allies with far-right US politicians that seek to crush Black Lives Matter Greyzone

Capitalist crisis

“Jaw-dropping corruption”: Mnuchin refuses to disclose which businesses got taxpayer-backed bailouts Salon

Wow, That Was Fast: Debt Out the Wazoo Wolf Street

Initial jobless claims decline further, but continuing claims fail to make meaningful progress Angry Bear


China Continued Buying Venezuelan Oil Despite U.S. Sanctions OilPrice

Joe Biden

Suggested Slogans for the Biden Campaign New Yorker

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