Wednesday’s news links – June 10, 2020

Clarence Thomas

“The Most Effective Way to Stop Police Terror Is Action at the Point of Production”

An interview with Clarence Thomas. Why labor must take the lead in the fight against police violence.

ILWU, ILA, and Teamsters Take Action in Honor of George Floyd Spectre Journal

It’s Time for White NFL Players to Take the Knee Dave Zirin

George Floyd’s Autopsy and the Structural Gaslighting of America Scientific American

The weaponization of medical language emboldened white supremacy with the authority of the white coat. How will we stop it from happening again?

“That Happens in Fascist Countries”: The NYPD Is Interrogating Protesters About Their Political Sympathies Gothamist

Trump tweets conspiracy theory that injured elderly Buffalo protester was “antifa provocateur” Axios

Why Were Out-of-State National Guard Units in Washington, D.C.? The Justice Department’s Troubling Explanation Lawfare

Black Lives Matter Everywhere: Its Time to Defund the US Military MPN

Video evidence increasingly disproves police narratives AP – untwisting that headline, video shows police usually lie


In absence of federal action, farm workers’ coronavirus cases spike Politico

Texas reports two consecutive days of record coronavirus hospitalizations weeks after reopening CNBC

19 states see rising coronavirus cases and Arizona is asking its hospitals to activate emergency plans CNN

More Food Shortages Loom With Outbreaks at 60 U.S Plants Bloomberg

Israel looks to move forward with West Bank annexation “within weeks” Axios

MH17 Court Cartoon — Dutch Judge Presents Bombshell, the US Delivers Dud – No Satellite Evidence of Russian Shootdown John Helmer

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