Sunday’s news links – June 7, 2020

These Images Show Just How Massive the Floyd Protests Were on Saturday Slate

Bird’s Eye View of Protests Across the U.S. and Around the World NYTimes

George Floyd protest updates: Protests growing in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. ABC News

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told the Associated Press on Friday that local officials were projecting between 100,000 and 200,000 protesters in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

Military vehicles and officers in fatigues are closing off much of downtown Washington, D.C. to traffic ahead of what are expected to be the largest protests yet in the city over the killing of George Floyd.

Washington, D.C., June 6, 2020.

‘This Is Incredible’: Enormous Crowds Flood Streets Across US Demanding End to Police Brutality and Justice for George Floyd Common Dreams

‘Incredibly Powerful’: Eleventh Day of George Floyd Protests Is the Biggest Yet Daily Beast


Drew Brees responds to President Trump: Protests ‘not an issue about the American flag’ USA Today

NFL Now Says It Supports Players Who Peacefully Protest, But Doesn’t Mention Colin Kaepernick The Root

Why it matters that Roger Goodell didn’t say Colin Kaepernick’s name Howard Bryant, ESPN

The Rest of the World Sees Uprisings, Not Riots Common Dreams

White House claims violence incited at Floyd protests linked to Venezuela’s Maduro Miami Herald

Abolish the police

The Terrifying History of Bad Cops in Buffalo Daily Beast

Breaking With AFL-CIO, Affiliated Labor Council May Vote to Expel Police Union Truthout

‘These Unions Dishonor the Labor Movement’: Nearly 200 Academics, Lawmakers, and Activists Demand AFL-CIO Expel Police Unions Common Dreams

‘Defund Police’ Movement Gains Steam As Celebrities And Politicians Sign On NewsOne

In protests against police brutality, videos capture more alleged police brutality Washington Post

Indiana Police Officer Before Punching Handcuffed Man: “If You Spit Again, We’re Gonna Party” ProPublica

Denver police held 3 black children at gunpoint, handcuffed their unarmed father, attorney says Denver Post

The Police Are Rioting. We Need to Talk About It. Jamelle Bouie, NYTimes

Six teen girls who met on Twitter were behind Nashville’s massive Black Lives Matter protest The Hill

Ohio small towns see something missing for decades: Protests Washington Post

NY Times editor who ran Tom Cotton op-ed is anti-Palestinian activist Electronic Intifada

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous chief says Canadian police beat him over expired licence plate Reuters

Military occupation

Pentagon Ordered National Guard Helicopters’ Aggressive Response in D.C. NYTimes

When police treat protesters like insurgents, sending in troops seems logical Washington Post

Militarized police forces laid the groundwork for using troops to quell protest.

5,000 National Guard troops in 15 states and DC activated to help quell growing civil unrest Military Times

National Guard helps quell civil unrest Politico

The new Guard deployments are on top of the estimated 40,000 forces already on federal duty in all U.S. states and territories … Guard troops were aiding law enforcement in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia, according to the National Guard Bureau.


As Trump touts increased production, coronavirus swabs made during his Maine factory tour will be tossed in the trash USA Today – because he didn’t wear a mask

Capitalist crisis

Don’t Lose the Thread. The Economy Is Experiencing an Epic Collapse of Demand. NYTimes

CNBC Makes Up V-Shaped Charts To Support False Claims Of Economic Recovery MoA

Labor Bureau Says ‘Misclassification Error’ Is Making Unemployment Rate Look Lower Than It Really Is Common Dreams

Jim Cramer: The pandemic led to ‘one of the greatest wealth transfers in history’ CNBC

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