Tuesday’s news links – June 2, 2020

Family-commissioned autopsy says George Floyd’s death was homicide

Minneapolis Police Union Head Calls Black Lives Matter ‘Terrorist’ Group officer.com

Minnesota cops ‘trained by Israeli forces in restraint techniques’ Morning Star

Why Property Destruction Isn’t “Violence” Current Affairs – what the police do is violence

Despite Claims From Officials, Demonstrators Say Police, Not Protesters, Are Real ‘Outside Agitators’ Common Dreams

Be safe

How to Cop-Proof Your Phone Before Heading to a Protest Gizmodo


A man is dead in Louisville after police fired on a crowd: What we know Vox

‘My son didn’t hurt nobody:’ David McAtee, Louisville business owner, killed by authorities MSN

Washington, D.C.

Protesters Tear-Gassed for Trump ‘Law and Order’ Photo Op Daily Beast

DC Episcopal bishop: ‘I am outraged’ by Trump church visit Associated Press


Omaha Bar Owner Will Not Be Charged in Killing of Black Protester


TWU Local 100 Bus Operator Gives Thumbs Up To BK Marchers As Labor Unions Denounce Police Brutality And George Floyd Killing Labor Press

White House (not a reference to the paint on the outside)

In ‘Unhinged’ Call, Trump Urges Governors to ‘Use the Military’ and Throw Demonstrators in Jail ‘For 10 Years’ Common Dreams

White House Goes Completely Dark as Protests Rage Outside Slate

Barr Promises to Sic Terrorism Task Forces on Protesters Daily Beast


Progressives Say ‘People Know Who Real Looters Are’: Not Those Angry Over Police Killings, But Oligarchs Robbing Nation Blind Common Dreams


Facebook employees hold virtual walkout over Mark Zuckerberg’s refusal to act against Trump Guardian

Here’s what Facebook employees are saying about Zuckerberg’s decision not to remove Trump’s threats of violence Boing Boing

China urges U.S. to eliminate racial discrimination, protect minorities CGTN

“Black lives matter and their human rights should be guaranteed,” says China’s foreign ministry. “Racial discrimination against minorities is a chronic sickness in American society. The current situation shows the severity of racial discrimination and police violence in the US.”

Facebook Employees Stage Virtual Walkout to Protest Trump Posts NYTimes

‘Black Lives Matter’ Chants Are Being Echoed Around The World As George Floyd Protests Go Global


Capitalist crisis

Despite widespread economic toll, most Americans still favor controlling outbreak over restarting economy, Post-ABC poll finds Washington Post

Nearly 60% of Americans Support Extending Boosted Unemployment Benefits as Trump and McConnell Say Let Them Expire Common Dreams


Dire warning of a pandemic 100 times worse than COVID-19 News Medical-Net

9 contract COVID-19 at Bob’s Red Mill as state officials respond to food processing outbreaks OregonLive

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