Friday’s news links – May 29, 2020


7 People Shot at Louisville Protest Over the Death of Breonna Taylor NYTimes


Uprising underway in Minneapolis FightBack!

CNN team arrested by Minnesota police on live television

Minneapolis Transit Shuts Down as Bus Drivers Refuse to Help Police PayDay Report

As Minneapolis Protests Over Killing of George Floyd Intensify, Trump Threatens to Send in Military With Green Light to Open Fire Common Dreams

Brother of George Floyd calls for death penalty for police involved Guardian

Minneapolis Man: Cop Who Kneeled on George Floyd ‘Tried to Kill Me’ in 2008 Daily Beast

Minneapolis Natives condemn man’s death in custody, ‘racist ideologies’ Indian Country Today

Minneapolis police leader defending George Floyd’s killers tied to ‘white power’-linked biker gang Grayzone

Police Responded Very Differently to Protests Over George Floyd and COVID-19 Shutdowns Slate

Cop Who ‘Murdered’ George Floyd Previously Awarded After Shooting Black Suspect NewsOne

‘Justice For George Floyd’ Becomes Fastest Growing Petition Ever After Surpassing 2 Million Signatures in 48 Hours Newsweek

The Death of George Floyd, in Context The New Yorker

The Critical Role of Athletes in Fighting White Blindness Dave Zirin

Trump’s tweet that got tagged for ‘glorifying violence’ used a phrase from a 1960s cop whose policies started a riot Business Insider

Protests Against Police Violence Break Out Across The Country After George Floyd’s ‘Murder’ NewsOne

George Floyd Protest In Union Square Met With “Aggressive” NYPD Response, Multiple Arrests Gothamist

Shots Fired at George Floyd Protest in Denver, Colorado Newsweek

Media Smeared Ahmaud Arbery After His Lynching FAIR

Protesters Slam Tallahassee’s Past Police Shootings After Black Woman Is Killed By Cop NewsOne

United Steelworkers on solidarity and justice for Black Lives

How to Safely Film Police Misconduct Teen Vogue

What to do if you’re exposed to tear gas Popular Science

Protesters Criticized For Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm First The Onion


Tuskegee Sanitation Workers Protesting for Lack of Pay, Proper PPE Equipment Alabama News Network

Indigenous Peoples

The Death of Antonio Bolívar, an Indigenous Elder in the Amazon Rainforest The New Yorker


Xi Jinping Orders the Army to Increase its Combat Readiness and Visualizes the Worst Scenario Orinoco Tribune

US lawmakers threaten to recognize independence of Tibet


New U.S. Special Force Coming to Colombia to Organize Military Operations against Venezuela Resumen

Capitalist crisis

NY State Legislature Drops Rent Cancellation Bill, Takes Up “Totally Inadequate” Measure Instead Gothamist

A Staggering 98% of UNITE-HERE’s Members Lost Jobs Due To Coronavirus–Many May Never Come Back


How a Trump order led to a huge coronavirus outbreak among workers AlterNet

Face coverings for the public: Laying straw men to rest Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

“The relentless, day on day stories of avoidable deaths from this dreadful disease sicken me. I will do whatever I can, as an academic, a doctor and a citizen, to reduce that death toll and help get society back running again.” Wear a face mask.

San Francisco New Health Order Requires Residents And Workers To Wear Face Coverings Outside The Home

How Mask Mandates Were Beaten Down in Rural Oklahoma The New Yorker

Covid masks give the French a new way to be chic The Economist

The Coronavirus Killed the Handshake and the Hug. What Will Replace Them? Time

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