Wednesday’s news links – May 27, 2020

Over 20,000 march demanding justice for George Floyd Fight Back!

Minneapolis police, protesters clash almost 24 hours after George Floyd’s death in custody Minneapolis Tribune

Police Use Tear Gas on Minneapolis Protesters Demonstrating Against Death of George Floyd Newsweek

Police station surrounded, vandalized as rioting breaks out at Minneapolis that mayor encouraged people to attend Law Enforcement Today

‘They Killed This Man’: Video Shows Minneapolis Cop Kneeling on Black Man’s Neck as Onlookers Warn He’s Being Crushed to Death Common Dreams

Amy Cooper Knew Exactly What She Was Doing HuffPost

Amy Cooper lost her dog and possibly her job. Christian Cooper, the Black man she called the cops on, could have lost his life.

Survivor of Racist Central Park Incident Is a Pioneer of Queer Representation in Comics them.

Audubon Statement on Incident in Central Park’s Ramble 

Christian Cooper is a board member of the New York City Audubon Society, where he promotes conservation of New York City’s outdoor spaces and inclusion of all people.

People Like Amy Cooper Are Why I Left New York City Slate

When I moved to a white neighborhood, my life became a series of incidents like the one in Central Park.

It’s Not Obesity. It’s Slavery. NYTimes

We know why Covid-19 is killing so many black people.


Andrew Cuomo gave immunity to nursing home execs after big campaign donations Guardian

Despite the Hype, Gilead’s Remdesivir Will Do Nothing to End the Coronavirus Pandemic Intercept

New research rewrites history of when Covid-19 took off in the U.S. — and points to missed chances to stop it STAT

Uber and Lyft Drivers Sue for New York Unemployment Benefits NYTimes

Anxious, Shocked, Terrified: Asians Face Increased Discrimination During Pandemic Gothamist


Is Iran Sending Gasoline Left Overs to Venezuela and is it Not Affected by US Sanctions as Guaido Claims? Orinoco Tribune

Third Iranian Tanker “Petunia” Reaches Venezuelan Waters Orinoco Tribune

Venezuelan Government Seizes AT&T Assets, Looks to Re-establish DirecTV Cable Service Venezuelanalysis

Trump ordered US Forces to Burn Hectares of Wheat Field in Syria amid CoVID-19 Pandemic IBT

US is number one enemy of free trade in world today: Analyst PressTV

Democrats are fueling a corporate counter-revolution against progressives Guardian

Meet the bisexual, black cabaret dancer and spy who dated Frida Kahlo and helped defeat the Nazis in France Pink News

Capitalist crisis

The CEO of Hertz will get a $700,000 payday as his 102-year-old company crumbles into bankruptcy Business Insider


Rio Tinto blasts 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site to expand iron ore mine Guardian

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