Tuesday’s news links – May 19, 2020

Malcolm X @ 95 Amadi Ajamu, Amsterdam News


Trump Administration Tells States To Yank Benefits From Those Who Won’t Return To Work HuffPost

McDonald’s Workers Take Fight Against Sexual Harassment to the World Stage LaborPress

Supermarket Heroes Deserve Hazard Pay LaborPress

Transit workers are paying a heavy price during the pandemic Washington Post

Filipino immigrant nurses pay heavy price as Covid-19 pandemic races across the globe Straits Times

Photo: David Bacon


Welcome to the Coronavirus Class War The Atlantic

Those who have suffered the least financial harm are the most supportive of reopening businesses.

The Coronavirus Class War NYMag

Workers aren’t pushing back against lockdowns. They’ve organized protests of an entirely different variety.

The murderous pseudoscience of “herd immunity” Andre Damon

US lockdown protests may have spread virus widely, cellphone data suggests Guardian

How to Use an Elevator Without Getting the Coronavirus

The need to go is a big barrier to going out. Why public bathrooms are a stumbling block for reopening. Washington Post

Medicaid Providers At The End Of The Line For Federal COVID Funding Kaiser Health News

“I Take That as a Threat”: Big Pharma Is Meddling in the Race for a COVID-19 Treatment Vanity Fair

A Yale researcher poised to start a crucial clinical trial received an ominous email from a pharmaceutical company. “There is undoubtedly a financial motivation,” he said—and there could be millions on the line.


Connecting the Dots on the Assault of the Cuban Embassy Resumen


Venezuela Rejected by U.S. Supreme Court in Citgo Stake Clash Yahoo Finance


Xi Vows China Will Share Vaccine and Gives WHO Full Backing Bloomberg

China to provide $2 billion to fight coronavirus pandemic MarketWatch

The Fable of the Chinese Whistleblower Project Syndicate

Capitalist crisis

Another Bank Bailout Under Cover of a Virus Common Dreams

State Dept. Investigator Fired by Trump Had Examined Weapons Sales to Saudis and Emiratis NYTimes

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