Monday’s news links – May 18, 2020

“You can imagine how desperate we are, since we’re so poor, and without a law to protect us. Here, if you have no money, the government won’t enforce the law. We really have very good laws in Mexico, but a very bad government.” Veronica Vasquez spoke these words in the middle of a dusty street in Tijuana. “Companies come to Mexico to make money. They think they can do anything they want with us because we’re Mexicans. Well, it’s our country, even if we’re poor. Not theirs.” Photo: David Bacon

Following Mexico’s Worker Strikes, the US Steps in to Keep Border Factories Open David Bacon

No information. No way off. 100,000 crew members remain in cruise ship limbo for months Miami Herald

JOLTS shows record jobless rate still understates true number Axios

Federal Government Buys Riot Gear, Increases Security Funding, Citing Coronavirus Pandemic The Intercept

Substitute Pharmacists Warn Their Co-Workers: We’ll Probably Bring the Virus to You ProPublica


In New York City, indigenous Mexicans battle coronavirus amid language barriers, bias NBC

After the deaths of several community members from COVID-19, “their greatest fear is to end up in a mass grave in New York City, far from home.”

Sources say that many nursing homes are purposefully underreporting COVID-19 deaths amNY

Conspiracies and capitalism: why we shouldn’t end the lockdown Counterfire

Inside Trump’s coronavirus meltdown | Free to read FT


Busted: Pentagon Contractors’ Report on ‘Wuhan Lab’ Origins of Virus Is Bogus Daily Beast

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