Friday’s news links – May 15, 2020

Video shows police pushing woman to the ground and handcuffing her in front of her young child ‘for not wearing mask properly’

Indigenous Peoples

We need to talk about classism: The real reason ANCs don’t deserve COVID-19 bailout funds Last Real Indians

Navajo Nation Reports 141 New COVID-19 Cases and Eight More Deaths on Thursday Native News Online

Wisconsin Tribes Will Maintain Stay-at-Home Rules, Even as State Court Votes to End Governor’s “Safer At Home” Order Native News Online

¡Demandos Justicia!


Ag worker strikes continue Wednesday, with walkout at Monson Fruit in Selah Yakima Herald

COVID-Related Strikes Hit Washington’s Apple Sheds Capital & Main

Archaeology shows how ancient African societies managed pandemics

Cold War nuke tests changed rainfall: study

The comedian going viral for lip-syncing Trump: ‘People really hate him’ Guardian

Capitalist crisis

U.S. jobless rate has already broken Great Depression records — and most media missed it Salon

The unemployment rate as of April 16 [was] 27.8% … higher than the record Great Depression unemployment rate of 24.9%, notched in 1933.

Reopening Isn’t Reopening—It’s Cutting Off Unemployment Econospeak

So what’s it about? Even as it makes a big PR show of supporting state by state “liberation” in America, the Trump administration is advising state governments on how to remove workers from unemployment insurance once orders are lifted. Without government directives, employers can demand workers show up, and if they refuse they no longer qualify. And why might workers refuse? Perhaps because their workplaces are still unsafe and they have vulnerable family members they want to keep from getting infected? Not good enough—once the state has been “liberated”.

Public Pension-Fund Losses Set Record in First Quarter WSJ

Wall Street Heavyweights Are Sounding Alarm About Stocks Bloomberg

Investors … suspect that the Federal Reserve’s support, as well as $3 trillion in Treasury stimulus, may not be enough to compensate for soaring unemployment, a wave of bankruptcies and no end in sight to the pandemic.

Monster Capitalism Counterpunch


Juan Guaido had White House meeting with boss of US mercenary firm behind bungled Venezuela coup – interrogation tape RT

Attacks From Pro-Israel Groups Threaten California’s Ethnic Studies Curriculum Jewish Currents


‘I Wish I Could Do Something for You,’ My Doctor Said NYTimes

Why are more people dying of this disease in the United States than in anywhere else in the world? Because we live in a broken country, with a broken health care system. Because even though people of all races and backgrounds are suffering, the disease in the United States has hit black and brown and Indigenous people the hardest, and we are seen as expendable.

Loud talking could leave coronavirus in the air for up to 14 minutes MIT Technology Review

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