Thursday’s news links – May 14, 2020

Legally Armed Black Citizens Patrol White Neighborhood Where Ahmaud Arbery Was Killed NewsOne

New Orleans sanitation workers ‘are asking for basic rights that every worker deserves’ Peoples Dispatch

Indigenous Peoples

Rosebud Indian Reservation Under Lockdown as Tribe Has 14 Positive COVID-19 Cases Native News Online

Navajo Nation Update: 41 More COVID-19 Cases – Death Toll at 103 Native News Online

Citing COVID-19, Representatives Deb Haaland & Raúl Grijalva Ask Trump to Release Leonard Peltier Immediately Native News Online


Coronavirus likely forced 27 million off their health insurance Axios

Warning US Could Face ‘Darkest Winter in Modern History,’ Ousted Whistleblower Demands Science-Based Pandemic Response Common Dreams

Jayapal Rips Democratic Covid-19 Bill: “Doesn’t End Mass Unemployment” or “Ensure Affordable Healthcare for Everyone” Common Dreams

Abbott’s Rapid Coronavirus Test, Used on White House Officials, Misses Almost Half of Positive Infections, Study Finds Newsweek

The two big reasons why California is struggling to control coronavirus LATimes.

There has been a steep rise in coronavirus cases reported in Orange County following the large crowds on the beaches on April 25-26.

In the week of April 20-26, there were 438 cases in Orange County. The week after that, 669 cases were reported, and the week after that, 759 cases. Further investigation is needed to determine whether the beaches were a source of spread for an outbreak or if the increase could be explained simply by other factors, such as increased testing.

“But you know, just us looking at it, there was a big jump in Orange County that was temporally consistent with possible transmission from that crowd event,” [Dr. George Rutherford, a former epidemic intelligence service officer with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] said.

The airborne lifetime of small speech droplets and their potential importance in SARS-CoV-2 transmission PNAS

Speech droplets generated by asymptomatic carriers of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) are increasingly considered to be a likely mode of disease transmission. Highly sensitive laser light scattering observations have revealed that loud speech can emit thousands of oral fluid droplets per second. In a closed, stagnant air environment, they disappear from the window of view with time constants in the range of 8 to 14 min, which corresponds to droplet nuclei of ca. 4 μm diameter, or 12- to 21-μm droplets prior to dehydration. These observations confirm that there is a substantial probability that normal speaking causes airborne virus transmission in confined environments.

Italy: We go back to work and we die


How The Trump Administration Inserts ‘Blame China’ Propaganda Into Main Stream Media MoA


Four US Warships Sailing near Venezuelan Waters

New Information: Guaido Was the ‘Commander in Chief’ of the Failed Mercenary Operation Against Venezuela Venezuelanalysis

Guaidó’s Contract on Venezuela’s President Mirrors Trump Administration Bounty Consortium News

Revealed: Secretive British unit planning for ‘reconstruction’ of Venezuela The Canary


Bolivian coup regime deploys military to suppress anti-government protests Peoples Dispatch

6 Months after the Civic-Military Coup in Bolivia, Evo Morales Denounces Setbacks Resumen

Resurrection Granma

Karl Marx, born May 5, 1818, has been buried so many times that his resuscitation threatens to become an everyday occurrence

New Article Published: Does socialism really lead to economic failure? The USSR and COMECON Eastern Europe before 1989 Monthly Review

Capitalist crisis

The Death of the Central Bank Myth Foreign Policy

For decades, monetary policy has been treated as technical, not political. The pandemic has ended that illusion forever.

It’s not your imagination. Grocery prices are up significantly, statistics show Morning Call

‘Our Food System Is Very Much Modeled on Plantation Economics’ FAIR

How the COVID-19 Bailout Gave Wall Street a No-Lose Casino Matt Taibbi

HEROES Act Delivers a Win to Health Insurance Industry The Intercept

Class war

Gig Workers Say Most Restaurants Have Banned Them From Using Their Bathrooms Vice

They’re Working In Healthcare During A Pandemic. They Don’t Get Health Insurance. Buzzfeed

Nonprofit Workers Turn to Unions During Pandemic Uncertainty Bloomberg Law

‘Monstrous Cruelty: As Hunger Soars, Trump USDA Resumes Effort to Take Nutrition Benefits From More Than a Million People Common Dreams

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