Monday’s news links – May 11, 2020

Cop Fired, Faces Charges In ‘Lynch Mob’ Incident After White Neighbors Rally To Protect Black North Carolina Family Newsweek


What Happened When Health Officials Wanted to Close a Meatpacking Plant, but the Governor Said No ProPublica

70% of inmates test positive for coronavirus at Lompoc federal prison LATimes

The Class Divide: Remote Learning at 2 Schools, Private and Public NYTimes

Doctor Fired for Refusing to House Elderly With Possible COVID-19 Patient, Suit Alleges Mississippi Free Press


The Plot to Blame China for COVID-19 Counterpunch


The Ride Gets Rougher: Gig Workers Organize Through a Pandemic Common Dreams

NYC Chipotle Employees Protest Unsafe Working Conditions MSN

Truck Drivers Petition Ports of LA for COVID-19 Items, Benefits My News LA

Kroger plans to eliminate ‘Hero Pay’ for grocery workers, UFCW Unions respond KDVR

In-Store Instacart Shoppers in Chicago Get OK for Union Vote Bloomberg

Indigenous Peoples

Epidemics and resilience CBC

How the Algonquin have faced nearly 200 years of disease outbreaks and survived

Capitalist crisis

Women have been hit hardest by job losses in the pandemic. And it may only get worse. Washington Post

The debt dilemma Michael Roberts

Capitalist Pigs: Pigs, pork, and power in America Climate & Capitalism

Climate change

Planet of the Humans backlash Yves Engler

The backlash may be more revealing than the film itself, but both inform us where we are at in the fight against climate change and ecological collapse. The environmental establishment’s frenzied attacks against Planet of the Humans says a lot about their commitment to big-money and technological solutions. …

Despite the hullabaloo, the central points in the film aren’t particularly controversial. Corporate-industrial society is driving human civilization/humanity towards the ecological abyss and environmental groups have largely made peace with capitalism. As such, they tout (profitable) techno fixes that are sometimes more ecologically damaging than fossil fuels (such as biomass or ethanol) or require incredible amounts of resources/space if pursued on a mass scale (such as solar and wind). It also notes the number of human beings on the planet has grown more than sevenfold over the past 200 years.

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