Sunday’s news links – May 10, 2020

Artist Theo Ponchaveli paints a mural of Ahmaud Arbery in Dallas.

‘They lynched him’: Ahmaud Arbery’s father on the killing of his son Guardian

Prison Labor Replaces Striking Garbage Workers in New Orleans PayDay Report

Under state rules, prison inmates, employed by Metro Services, will be paid only 13% of what garbage workers, who were only making $10.25.

Indianapolis Police Fire Pepper Balls Amid Shootings Protest NYTimes

Indigenous Peoples

Sioux tribe rejects South Dakota governor request to remove Covid-19 checkpoints CNN


US claims of China coronavirus lab leak an ‘attempt to distract’ from Trump’s own mistakes: Germany SCMP


One-Third of All U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Are Nursing Home Residents or Workers NYTimes

Push for Profits Left Nursing Homes Struggling to Provide Care NYTimes

The U.S. Response to Covid-19 Has Lavished Wealth on the Rich Common Dreams

While the pandemic ravages American workers, the federal government has orchestrated a monumental transfer of wealth from the bottom of the economic ladder to the top.

Hydroxychloroquine Fails to Help Coronavirus Patients in Largest Study of the Drug to Date Time

Why “Reopen California” Rallies Anger Frontline Nurses Capital & Main

Who Sabotaged the American Economy? Thorstein Veblen Knows LARB

Private firms, as everybody knows, will provide more of any product at a lower price than any central planner ever could … Yet every day brings fresh evidence of market-based inefficiency.

Is there no limit to the anti-Palestinian racism of The New York Times? Electronic Intifada

72 got COVID-19 after being at large event Channel 3000

Capitalist crisis

The Bailout Is Working — For the Rich ProPublica

‘It’s devastating’: Jobs number may be bad, but the reality is much worse, warns the Fed’s Neel Kashkari MarketWatch

“That bad report tomorrow is actually going to understate how bad the damage has been,” Kashkari explained, adding that the reported unemployment rate could be as high as 17% — a brutal number, no doubt — but he says the true number may be as high as 24%. “It’s devastating.”

Climate change

Attacking the messenger: Planet of the Humans spears sacred beliefs Systemic Disorder

Michael Bloomberg just bought a $45 million Colorado ranch. Take a look at the 4,600-acre property MSN

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