Wednesday’s news links – May 6, 2020


Five Eyes network contradicts theory Covid-19 leaked from lab Guardian

Australian intelligence knocks back US government’s Wuhan lab virus claim Sydney Morning Herald

The Case for Prison Abolition: Ruth Wilson Gilmore on COVID-19, Racial Capitalism & Decarceration Democracy Now


Striking Bus Drivers Steer the Way to a Better World In These Times

U.S. Workplace Safety Rules Missing In The Pandemic NPR

NYC Amazon Worker Dies From Coronavirus Gothamist


3 Hospital Workers Gave Out Masks. Weeks Later, They All Were Dead. NYTimes

2 Die From the Virus at a Bronx Bus Depot, and Drivers Are Rattled NYTimes

For the Workers of the World the Pandemic is Based on Inequality Internationalist 360°

San Francisco study reveals 90% of people who tested positive for coronavirus had been leaving home to go to work Daily Mail

Betsy DeVos sued for seizing student borrowers’ paychecks in violation of the CARES Act: “We don’t care. We don’t have to.” Condemned to DEBT

Climate change

‘Planet of the Humans.’ A (long-form) review of… the reviews. Paul Mobbs, author “Energy Beyond Oil”

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