Tuesday’s news links – May 5, 2020

A tale of two cities: how New York police enforce social distancing by the color of your skin Guardian

Video Of NYPD Beating Black Man Is Polar Opposite Of How Cops Treat White People Not Social Distancing NewsOne


A New Frustrated Chapter in the Violent War Against Venezuela Resumen

New Details Emerge Linking US to Latest Coup Attempt in Venezuela MPN

Venezuela: Two US citizens arrested after beach invasion aimed at capturing Nicolas Maduro, says regime Telegraph

Defeat of a Dirty Military Incursion into Venezuela on a Sunday Morning Counterpunch


Chinese-donated medical supplies arrive in Cuba after delay due to US sanctions Global Times

Indigenous Peoples

Uniting online for missing Native women, girls Indian Country Today


Baja California makes ‘criminal’ decision to reopen 100 businesses Mexico News Daily

An Amazon VP’s resignation shows internal unrest is rising to the top Vox

‘Every Canadian is now watching Cargill:’ Meatpacking plant to reopen despite pleas from union Financial Post


US Government Fears China will Give Away COVID-19 Vaccine for Free MPN

[Indigenous] Prisoner With Coronavirus Dies After Giving Birth While on Ventilator NYTimes

Andrea Circle Bear, the first female federal prisoner to die after getting the coronavirus

N.Y.C. Deaths Reach 6 Times the Normal Level, Far More Than Coronavirus Count Suggests NYTimes

How Profit and Incompetence Delayed N95 Masks While People Died at the VA ProPublica


Anatomy of a fake news campaign: Media spreads lie from US govt-funded Korean outlet that Kim Jong-un died Grayzone

Capitalist crisis

Trump’s “Bank and Landlord Relief” bill Michael Hudson

Private Hospitals, Now Demanding Bailouts, Lobbied to Defeat Cost-Saving Health Reform as Coronavirus Crisis Grew  Intercept

An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden Lucy Flores


As Death Toll Increases Blame China Campaign Intensifies MoA

Climate change

Planet of the Anti-Humanists Jacobin

Forget pork. Here’s why you can’t buy flour CNN

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