Monday’s news links – May 4, 2020


Coronavirus energizes the labor movement. Can it last? LA Times

Rent strike protests target Cuomo in NYC and Albany NY Daily News

Video: NYPD Officer Beats Bystander, Kneels On His Head During Social Distancing Enforcement Gothamist

Billboard for Baltimore mayor vandalized with message calling for no rent The Hill

Illinois anti-lockdown protester waves Nazi slogan from Auschwitz concentration camp Independent


Why the Coronavirus Is So Confusing Atlantic

The US just reported its deadliest day for coronavirus patients as states reopen, according to WHO CNBC

Mississippi’s governor backtracked on ending the state’s lockdown after the state saw its biggest increase in coronavirus deaths and cases Business Insider

Younger adults are getting seriously sick and ending up in the hospital because of the coronavirus, and it’s alarming doctors Business Insider

Covid-19 has blown apart the myth of Silicon Valley innovation MIT Technology Review

The pandemic has made the US healthcare crisis far more dire. We must fix the system Guardian

The Hospital CEOs Keeping Seven-Figure Salaries as Frontline Workers Go Without Pay

Coronavirus: Why so many US nurses are out of work BBC

Why an American mother rushed her daughters back to Shanghai during the Covid-19 outbreak SCMP


Venezuelan Military Foils Terrorist Infiltration from Colombia Resumen

Capitalist crisis

Coronavirus: scientific realities vs. economic fallacies LeftEast

Why do we live in a social and economic system that can only exist in a state of frantic movement forward and up, and for which it is impossible to pause for a while? …

In Bulgaria, we at least have the privilege of having until fairly recently lived in a different system and having a base of comparison. Let us imagine what would happen if an epidemic had to be battled in the 1970s in one of the countries of the former Eastern Bloc. In fact we do not even need to imagine it because there is a real-life such example – the last smallpox epidemic in Europe broke out in 1972 in the former Yugoslavia. … The reaction was swift … and the epidemic was contained within two months. Of course, in that case, there was a vaccine, which helped a lot, but the important thing is that there was no hesitation in immediately taking the necessary measures due to economic concerns.

In a non-market economy, like the one we had 30 years ago, an even longer quarantine would not be a much of a problem. Most people own their homes, and most of those who pay rent pay it to the state. There are no small and medium-sized businesses to collapse and leave their staff without any income, and there are no stock markets to crumble and destroy the retirement savings of people forced to invest in them due to a lack of a real pension system. Food production and distribution is centralized and controlled by the government, as are all other essential systems, which is a huge advantage in such a situation. There is no problem whatsoever to stop and wait as long as needed – people do stay in their homes, the army distributes food to people’s homes (making quarantine would be much more efficient), rural areas are isolated as much as possible to prevent infection and declines in agricultural output, etc. Yes, the five-year plan is not fulfilled, but by itself this does not automatically bring down the system and it does not lead to mass starvation and chaos.

The Myth of V-Shape Economic Recovery Jack Rasmus

Clinton-Obama in 2020? One former White House official says it’s possible MarketWatch

Climate change

The Bizarre Blindspot in “Planet of the Humans” Craig Collins

The film highlights the way major corporations have passed themselves off as “sustainable” by promoting fake-green technologies like biomass, or by falsely claiming they run on 100% renewable energy. Worse yet they have promoted the lie that “renewable” energy technologies, like solar panels and wind farms, are not heavily dependent on fossil fuels and rare minerals. In addition, they conceal the fact that the net energy return from these alternative energy sources is not nearly enough to sustain—much less grow—our ravenous industrial civilization.


Gaslighting from Pompeo

RADDATZ: Do you believe coronavirus was man-made?

POMPEO: The best experts seem to think so

R: But the DNI says the consensus is it wasn’t

P: That’s right. I agree with that

R: So to be clear, which is it?

P: What’s important is the Communist Party could’ve prevented this

Trump Promises ‘Conclusive’ U.S. Report on Virus’s China Origins Bloomberg

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