Saturday’s news links – May 2, 2020

May Day in Lisbon, Portugal.


‘We’re modern slaves’: How meat plant workers became the new frontline in Covid-19 war Guardian

Immigrants Making PPE Strike After a Co-Worker Dies of COVID PayDay Report

Anti-Union Operative Warns Business Of Historic Rise In Labor Activism Intercept

Dozens of Oak Park nursing home workers ready to strike

Health care workers protest over unsafe working conditions

Teamsters Stand Up Against Coca-Cola After It Tells Employees To Remove Masks

‘Essential’ farmworkers face slashed hours even as food demand soars Grist


States Made It Harder to Get Jobless Benefits. Now That’s Hard to Undo. NYTimes

Study: 71 percent of jobless Americans didn’t receive March unemployment benefits Vox


Ex-Green Beret led failed attempt to oust Venezuela’s Maduro AP


A Manhattan Nursing Home Reported 13 Coronavirus Deaths To The State. The Real Number Was Closer To 100 Gothamist

‘It feels like nobody cares’: the Americans living without running water amid Covid-19 Guardian

The other death toll from the coronavirus pandemic Al Jazeera

The police are harassing, beating and even killing people while enforcing COVID-19 lockdowns across the world.

Climate change

Stopping Deforestation Can Prevent Pandemics Scientific American

Destroying habitats makes viruses and other pathogens more likely to infect humans

The Biomass Fiasco Counterpunch

New Michael Moore-Backed Documentary On YouTube Reveals Massive Ecological Impacts Of Renewables Michael Shellenberger

Why “Planet of the Humans,” Michael Moore’s new film about green energy, is so controversial Salon

Capitalist crisis

Dirty money piling up in L.A. as coronavirus cripples international money laundering LATimes

Military spending in 2019 hits highest increase in a decade NoC

COVID-19 Is Worsening a Housing Crisis That Started Long Before the Virus Truthout

Ellen Brown: Coronavirus Proves Capitalism Has Always Been a Lie

NASA selects Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to design moon landers for 2024 mission dezeen


Chinese state media releases animated propaganda video mocking US coronavirus response – nicely done

VA orders $300,000 worth of body bags Politico

A Life and Death Battle: 4 Days of Kidney Failure but No Dialysis NYTimes

Biden camp refuses to open up Senate papers that could shed light on accuser’s claims Business Insider 

If Trump is a Pathological Liar, What Type of Liar is Biden? CounterPunch

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