Friday’s news links – May Day 2020




Workers gear up for major May Day Strike in pushback against unsafe conditions amid pandemic NoC

Coronavirus Has Caused More Than 150 Strikes. This Map Is Tracking Them All Vice

The Coronavirus Killed Two of My Colleagues in a Meatpacking Plant NYTimes

4,400 Meatpackers Have COVID – Trump Relaxes OSHA Meatpacking Standard – GOP Govs Block Unemployment for Meatpackers PayDay Report

12.7 Million Workers Have Likely Lost Employer-Provided Health Insurance Since the Coronavirus Shock Began Common Dreams

In ‘Terrifying’ Indictment of For-Profit System, 12.7 Million Workers Estimated to Have Lost Insurance Due to Coronavirus Common Dreams

Guest Workers on Farms Stand in the Eye of the COVID Storm Capital & Main

Across the World, Construction Workers are Caught Between Coronavirus Risk and Joblessness IPS

Undocumented Day Laborers Struggle During Coronavirus Crisis

They Were Warned Not to Take Sick Days — Then Six Workers at Their Warehouse Died of Coronavirus Intercept

Nearly 900 at Tyson Foods plant test positive for coronavirus WISH

Forget the Haircut Protesters. There’s a Real Labor Movement Blossoming in America. Charlie Pierce, Esquire

Op-ed: Don’t Blame Farmers Who Have to Euthanize Their Animals. Blame the Companies They Work For. Civil Eats


‘America In the Age of Trump’: Armed Gunmen Enter Michigan Capitol Demanding End to Covid-19 Lockdown Common Dreams

The problem with the Covid-19 death numbers Newsweek

The Memo: The surprising popularity of the Great Lockdown The Hill

Cuomo’s Density Dodge: Pandemics Aren’t Anti-City, Failure to Act Early Is Gothamist


Cuba awaits information regarding firearm attack on our embassy in Washington Granma

Cuba Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for its Fight Against Covid-19 Orinoco Tribune


Now the US Navy Intimidates Venezuelan Fishing Vessel in International Waters Orinoco Tribune

Andrew Cuomo’s Power Grab Is Off Camera Our Future

Cuomo gifted himself “rolling budget adjustment” powers, which allows him to make cuts on a quarterly basis with little to no oversight. Meanwhile, he refuses to raise taxes on his billionaire donors which could fill the budget gap.

Puerto Rico

“No one” in Puerto Rico has received stimulus checks, says San Juan mayor

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