Monday’s news links – April 27, 2020

Rent strike

With Millions Unable to Pay for Housing Next Month, Organizers Plan the Largest Rent Strike in Nearly a Century The Intercept

Coronavirus Latest: Renters Sending Message To Landlords With Cancel The Rent Protest, ‘If We Can’t Work, We Can’t Pay’ CBS


Cuban Doctors go door-to-door re COVID-19. English titles. YouTube video


‘Don’t defend Trump – attack China’: coronavirus strategy revealed in Republican memo SCMP

It is not just propaganda: What the U.S. anti-China campaign is looking for Monthly Review

Set Leonard Peltier Free Now Native News Online

Capitalist crime

‘Heads we win, tails you lose’: how America’s rich have turned pandemic into profit Guardian

Small Business Rescue Earned Banks $10 Billion In Fees NPR

JPMorgan Chase & Co., acting as the lender, took a $100,000 fee on the one-time transaction for which it assumed no risk and could pass through with fewer requirements than for a regular loan.

A Third Of NYC Food Pantries Have Closed, Swelling Bread Lines During Coronavirus Lockdown Gothamist

Koch-Funded Think Tanks Are Lobbying to Send Workers to Their Deaths Truthout

Covid-19 coronavirus

U.S. response to virus splinters into acrimony and uncertainty Reuters

African Americans Make Up All of Richmond Coronavirus Deaths Virginia Public Media

Black Woman Dies From Coronavirus After Being Turned Away 4 Times From Hospital She Worked at for Decades The Root

I remember when Dr. Anthony Fauci gave disease a Black face Ezili Dantò

First, Fauci & Co. came for the Haitians and you did not speak out. 30-years later, drunk on their uncontested world rampages, where perpetual sickness means humongous profits, they’ve come for you! #Covid19 #Coronavirus #Faucifraud

Climate change

The Meltdown of the Careerist Greens Counterpunch

The wildly, uniquely popular, documentary “Planet of the Humans” has been viewed over 2 million times in less that four days – likely 100s of thousands more by the time you read this.

The world is on lockdown. So where are all the carbon emissions coming from? Grist

Capitalist crisis

The Next Chapter of the Oil Crisis: The Industry Shuts Down Bloomberg

German minister backs creating legal right to work from home AP

Trump melts down demanding reporters return ‘Noble’ prizes he says they won for investigating him RawStory

Trump Rages After Newspaper Exposes How Lazy He Is Breaking News USA

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