Sunday’s news links – April 26, 2020

Coronavirus has made Amazon a public utility – so we should treat it like one Guardian


69 Percent Of Americans Want Medicare For All, Including 46 Percent Of Republicans, New Poll Says Newsweek

Stanford Health Care to cut workers’ wages by 20% Palo Alto Online

Got coronavirus? You may get a surprise medical bill, too NBC

Dozens of COVID-19 Cases Have Been Reported in Rural Texas Counties With No Hospitals and No Licensed Physicians Texas Observer

Why the DeVos family’s backing of the Michigan protests is no surprise Guardian

Indigenous Peoples

Lakota tribes call on South Dakota Governor Noem to install COVID-19 protections Indian Country Today

Indigenous communities in Brazil fear pandemic’s impact Science

Economic Freeze Cuts Remittances, a Lifeline for Migrants’ Families NYTimes


We’re Quaranteens Against Xenophobia, a Youth Coalition Standing Against Anti-Asian Sentiments Teen Vogue

It is Not Just Propaganda: What the US Anti-China Campaign is Looking for Orinoco Tribune


Venezuela: Exclusive Interview with Adán Chávez: “In the Face of the Pandemic, the People of Venezuela Respond with Civility and Deep Love for the Country”. Resumen

Labor uprising

Smithfield Foods worker: I’m suing over coronavirus protections Washington Post

The hidden history of American radicalism: the campaign for the Workers’ Unemployment Insurance Bill Counterfire

Michigan senator apologizes for wearing Confederate flag face mask Guardian

Lawmakers press for small business loans for payday lenders Politico

Capitalist crisis

Millions of Credit-Card Customers Can’t Pay Their Bills WSJ

Capitalism is Failing its Coronavirus Stress Test—Only Workers Can Turn Things Around Orinoco Tribune

Reopening the Economy Will Send Us to Hell Labor Notes

U.S. war drive

How the “West Point Mafia” Runs Washington Danny Sjursen

Take the class of 1986 (“Courage Never Quits”). As it happens, both Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are members of that very class, as are a surprisingly wide range of influential leaders in Congress, corporate America, the Pentagon, the defense industry, lobbying firms, big pharma, high-end financial services, and even security-consulting firms. Still, given their striking hawkishness on the subject of American war-making, Esper and Pompeo rise above the rest.

Report highlights direct link between climate change and militarism Peoples Dispatch

The Settler Colonialism Project Counterpunch

I had this fantasy that the New York Times would follow up its 1619 Project look at slavery with a comparable examination of Settler Colonialism.

Corporate Media Deny Their Own Existence, Despite Driving Biden’s Primary Victory FAIR

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