Sunday’s news links – April 12, 2020

Class war

Tampa UPS Teamsters win demands for gloves, hand sanitizer and masks FightBack! News

Striking McDonald’s Workers Say Their Lives Are More Essential Than Fast Food In These Times

Trump Labor Secretary Condemned for ‘Despicable’ Efforts to Roll Back Unemployment Benefits, Paid Leave in Coronavirus Stimulus Common Dreams

Leftist Star Pitcher Sean Doolittle and Wife Speak Out on MLB’s Reopening Proposal Daily Beast

The outspoken Nats reliever and his wife Eireann spoke from quarantine in Florida. The latest MLB reopen plan would screw low-income workers, the couple said.

Indigenous Peoples

New life of a trucker: Less traffic. More hours. And so much kindness Indian Country Today

Navajo Nation COVID-19 Cases Near 600; Death Toll at 22 Native News Online

Land-grab universities HCN

Expropriated Indigenous land is the foundation of the land-grant university system.

Im/migrants and refugees

Immigrants in Detention Centers ‘Sitting Ducks’ For COVID-19 Capital & Main

Covid-19 coronavirus

The United States passed Italy in confirmed coronavirus deaths, as the toll climbed to 20,110 and as many as 2,000 people die every day. NYTimes

Cuban-trained Doctor Helps Mobilize Pandemic Response in Her South Bronx Community Indypendent

Doc who helps homeless said cop cuffed him for no reason Miami Herald

Analysis: Virus shows benefit of learning from other nations AP

Medical Staffing Companies Owned by Rich Investors Cut Doctor Pay and Now Want Bailout Money ProPublica

Capitalist crisis

Thousands line up at Texas food bank as jobless workers struggle to feed their families amid coronavirus pandemic Daily News

‘A disastrous situation’: mountains of food wasted as coronavirus scrambles supply chain Guardian

Farmers are forced to let crops rot and throw away milk while food bank demand soars CalMatters

With Postal Service on ‘Verge of Collapse’ and 630,000 Jobs at Risk, Trump Slammed for Refusing to Act Common Dreams

Walt Disney World To Furlough 43,000 Workers After Coronavirus Shutdown Forbes

NASA Satellite Data Show 30 Percent Drop In Air Pollution Over Northeast U.S. NASA

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