Saturday news links – April 11, 2020

CNBC: The Dow’s best week since 1938. More than 16 million have lost jobs in 3 weeks.

Class war

Seattle cargo terminal on standby as workers face off with operator over sanitation Seattle Times

Immigrant Meatpackers Fightback Against Intimidation & Death Traps PayDay Report

Hundreds of U.S. Meat Workers Have Now Tested Positive for Virus Bloomberg

USA:  COVID-19 Strike Wave Interactive Map

Inside the Union Where Coronavirus Put 98% of Members Out of Work ProPublica

Coronavirus Is Threatening One of Government’s Steadiest Services: The Mail NYTimes

A tale of two New Yorks: pandemic lays bare a city’s shocking inequities Guardian

In places like the Bronx – which is 84% Black, Latino or mixed race – the sidewalks are still bustling with people making their way into work. There is still a rush hour. “We used to call them ‘service workers’,” Williams said. “Now they are ‘essential workers’ and we have left them to fend for themselves.”

‘My son is essential to me’: Car rally go-ers condemn Virginia’s failures to keep inmates safe during COVID-19

One by one, nurses got coronavirus at a Silicon Valley hospital while management kept quiet LATimes

Federal Prison Factories Kept Running as Coronavirus Spread Marshall Project

Condition Critical! NYC Nurse Issues Harrowing Report From The Medical Frontlines LaborPress

White House Seeks To Lower Farmworker Pay To Help Agriculture Industry NPR

Nurses and Doctors Speaking Out on Safety Now Risk Their Job NYTimes

IBM Rallies COBOL Engineers To Save Overloaded Unemployment Systems OneZero

Covid-19 coronavirus

Amid coronavirus, some in Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia want Cuban doctors back Washington Post

Sewage shows we’re undercounting coronavirus cases — by a lot, MA researchers say McClatchy

Why Are They Shutting Down a Chicago Emergency Room During a Pandemic? Labor Notes

Almost 300 inmates at Chicago jail test positive for coronavirus The Hill

‘Unforgettable’ Footage of Endless Line of Cars at Food Banks a Stark Illustration of Coronavirus Crisis in US Common Dreams

Video Shows Cops Violently Removing Black Man From Bus For Not Wearing A Mask News One

Internal Prison Guard Email Contradicts Government’s Claims to Judges About Containing Coronavirus at Federal Detention Center Intercept

Prison uprising put down as US inmates demand protection from coronavirus Guardian

Cuban medical brigade leaves for Angola to fight against COVID-19 Radio Havana Cuba

‘A Tragedy Is Unfolding’: Inside New York’s Virus Epicenter NYTimes

Mass Burials On Hart Island Increase Fivefold As COVID-19 Death Toll Skyrockets Gothamist

Coronavirus research done too fast is testing publishing safeguards, bad science is getting through The Conversation

Coronavirus: Over 2,000 deaths in 24 hours in US DW

No other country has had such a high daily death toll. Global confirmed cases stand at almost 1.7 million, with more than 100,000 deaths.

It’s Only 55 Cents, But ACLU Says Georgia Is Running a Poll Tax Bloomberg

U.S. war drive

The U.S. Acts as a Pirate and Leaves Yemen Without Food or Fuel teleSUR

One Year of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Spending Would Provide 300,000 ICU Beds, 35,000 Ventilators & Salaries of 75,000 Doctors Newsweek

Pentagon worries Capt. Crozier’s concern for his sailors may be contagious Duffle Blog

The Coronavirus Is a Preview of Our Climate-Change Future David Wallace-Wells

Ancient teeth from Peru hint now-extinct monkeys crossed Atlantic from Africa PhysOrg

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